The call came to the CrimeStoppers tips line on January 13, 2020.

The anonymous citizen said a fugitive from justice named Camron Guy, officially wanted on charges of carjacking and aggravated robbery, could be found in an old warehouse building on Firestone Avenue in north Memphis.

As always, the tipster was thanked, given a secret tip number for later identification when an award is approved, then the information was passed to an arrest team.

When officers arrived at the address on Firestone, the tip proved valuable indeed.

Besides Guy, several people were inside the building preparing to shoot a music video. Also inside —in plain sight — were various stashes of illicit drugs, handy for use or for selling.

The result of this particular CrimeStoppers call to 528-CASH: a total of eight individuals were arrested on various charges. Cash award approved for payment: $600.