The word went out on the street in south Memphis: meet on Paul R. Lowry Boulevard for a night of drag racing, February 15, 2020. The four-lane highway runs straight through a sparsely-populated area not far from McKellar Lake.

That night numerous people showed up in their vehicles but an argument turned into a serious altercation at 2877 Paul R. Lowry Blvd. and soon shots rang out. Several persons were hit, including one victim seriously wounded in the chest.
Memphis Police officers responded and soon learned that after the argument a male left the scene but returned with a weapon and began firing. The victim shot in the chest was taken to the hospital in critical condition.
The very next day a CrimeStoppers tipster called and identified Baldo House, a.k.a. Markus House, as the shooter. A photo was shown to the hospitalized individual who positively identified House. An arrest warrant was issued, and on February 21, six days after the drag racing event, House was located and arrested for criminal attempted first degree murder, possession of a firearm in the course of a dangerous felony and aggravated assault, six times. To the tipster: $700.

Drag racing, speeding and reckless driving have increased during the time of the pandemic when streets are less busy, authorities warn.