Some car thieves steal a vehicle for use in a robbery or burglary. Some steal in the passion of a kidnapping and carjacking. In some instances, the thief’s motive is for a joy ride.

Then there are the thieves who steal a car in order to drop it off at a “chop shop “for payment. A chop shop is an illegal garage where cars are methodically dismantled and the parts sold for profit.

One such unlawful establishment was disrupted in March thanks to a CrimeStoppers tipster.

The citizen called on March 13 to say that a chop shop operation was taking place on Oakshire Street in the Westwood neighborhood. Memphis Police officers were sent to investigate and soon detained suspect Bretrue Jackson. Officers found on the property two stolen vehicles valued at $16,825, and other stolen cars already stripped of parts.

Jackson, who has a history of aggravated burglary and property theft, was charged with operating an illegal chop shop and two counts of the theft of property. His case is pending.

Paid to the anonymous tipster: $500 in cash.