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CrimeStoppers is a successful crime-fighting program because of the many partners who work with us. Law enforcement, citizen tipsters and citizens who donate to the cause - all are our partners against crime.

We often say - because people continue to misunderstand this fact - that we are not the recipient of local tax dollars. CrimeStoppers is a not-for-profit, independent organization governed by citizens who volunteer their time to sit on
our Board of Directors. The formula of our success is simple: we receive often critical information from anonymous citizens, we pass the information on to the
authorities, and crimes are solved, fugitives are brought to justice.

That equation includes those businesses and individuals who support us monetarily.

One way to support us now is to buy tickets to our annual fundraiser at Playhouse On The Square. Buy tickets to attend and/or buy tickets to send a police officer and guest to the show. Click on the Cabaret graphic below to partner with us in this way. 

Car thefts and stolen gun 
counts on the rise

Stolen gun crimes have grown dramatically in the past six years and Tennessee legislation allowing gun owners to carry weapons in their cars probably helped create the spike, if inadvertently. 

That was the message of Memphis Police Department Chief Don Crowe at the monthly B.I.G. for Memphis meeting held at Phelps Security offices. Here are the raw numbers of stolen guns for Memphis. 

2013      358
2014      459 
2015      585
2016      816
2017      1,214
2018      1,273

That is a total of 4,705 stollen guns reported in the city and a hefty bunch of them were taken from parked cars, where guns were found by knowledgeable thieves under seats or in glove boxes, loose and ready for the taking. 

Most law enforcement agencies and other organizations support an amending bill in the legislature this year that would require licensed gun owners to make certain guns are secured - in lock boxes or with heavy-duty locking cords - when left in vehicles. 


Human stories lurk behind the numbers

Statistics of successful tips to CrimeStoppers only tell part of the story.

Case in point: Every month police investigate aggravated robberies in which victims are
threatened or injured, sometimes seriously. But one report of an aggravated
robbery on February 1, 2019 seemed especially grievous to police and CrimeStoppers.

An elderly Memphis woman was walking a short distance home from a store that day. She was using a walker. Then a man approached her, knocked her down, and stole her money.

An anonymous caller in March gave CrimeStoppers identifying information that helped police arrest Dezmond Lofties as the perpetrator of the robbery and
assault. The citizen who called was awarded $700 for the tip.

In March, 20 tips led to the arrests of 21 men and women and the clearing of 20 separate felony cases. The CrimeStoppers Board Awards Committee awarded a total $7,400 to citizens who helped. Tips helped catch a homicide fugitive, among 16 wanted individuals. 

Websites continue 
to build awareness

CrimeStoppers and its many programs are explained - and the public is engaged - in various places on the internet.
Our main website explains the organization's purpose, and keeps count on major cases in which police need help from citizens -
A companion site helps students keep their schools safer -

Senior citizens who are afraid or otherwise need help can find information they can use at another site -
Spanish-speaking citizens can learn about CrimeStoppers on a fourth site -
Because the theft of copper and other metals has become a major problem in the metro area we launched CopperStoppers:

Now the public can view the list of current fugitives, including photos on our newest site -

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