The partnership that keeps
our community safer each day

People who partner with CrimeStoppers make a big difference in the ongoing efforts in our community to prevent crime and bring criminals to justice.

One way people partner with CrimeStoppers is through sharing information anonymously about crimes or fugitives. A case in point:

It was Monday, June 4, this year - a sunny but unseasonably cool day. A cold front had moved in from the northwest. That day a  U.S. Postal Service carrier was on her normal route and had parked her delivery truck. Twice over the next hour surveillance cameras captured a man stealing mail from that truck. 

The video footage was quickly released to the public. Two days later  CrimeStoppers received a tip identifying the person in the video. The Shelby County  Sheriff's Office and investigators from the U.S. Post Office collaborated and  positively identified a suspect. The man was arrested and charged with two counts  of burglary of a motor vehicle and with government records tampering.

According to CrimeStoppers Executive Director E. Winslow (Buddy) Chapman, a second way to partner with the organization is through a donation.  This time of year, CrimeStoppers does a bulk-mail contact with people in the  community who have helped out in this way in the past. It's easy to make a donation  online. 

Many people don't realize that CrimeStoppers, as an independent and nonprofit organization, does not receive direct tax dollars. That means support from individuals, corporations and foundations are vital to the work CrimeStoppers and its partners do every day.


Fighting crime -
by the numbers

October saw the CrimeStoppers Awards Committee hand out a total of $8,000 in cash awards to citizens who contacted us with information leading to arrests. 

There were 21 successful tips received. The tips led to 23 arrests and 18 cases solved. 

Since the beginning of he fiscal year in July, 1,002 tips have been received, a 28% increase over the same period a year ago. Of those tips, 83 led to 87 arrests in felony cases. 

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Amazon donates to CrimeStoppers of Memphis and Shelby County whenever someone shops through the their "Smile" program and lists us as the recipient.  

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Websites building 
new awareness

CrimeStoppers and its many programs are explained - and the public is engaged - in various places on the internet.
Our main website explains the organization's purpose, and keeps count on major cases in which police need help from citizens -
A companion site helps students keep their schools safer -

Senior citizens who are afraid or otherwise need help can find information they can use at another site -
Spanish-speaking citizens can learn about CrimeStoppers on a fourth site -
Because the theft of copper and other metals has become a major problem in the metro area we launched CopperStoppers:

Now the public can view the list of current fugitives, including photos on our newest site -

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