Observant citizens see 
suspicious activities and  their tips 
lead to big drug arrests

Police arrests helped get multiple pounds of drugs, weapons, ammunition and drug paraphernalia off the streets by the first of September. Two particular cases were broken open because of citizen tips to CrimeStoppers.

Memphis Police got a tip at the end of July that someone was dealing in drugs out of a house on Hugenot Street in the Orange Mound neighborhood. After some surveillance, officers did a "knock and talk" visit to the house and were invited in by a resident. Inside they found marijuana, fentanyl patches, digital scales for weighing drugs, guns and nine live rounds of ammunition. They also uncovered $17,115 in

The suspect volunteered proudly that he made $150 per day selling Percocet alone. Hollis Wilson, who had been convicted in the past, was arrested, handcuffed and taken downtown. He was charged with possession of controlled substances with the intent to sell, and possession of a weapon by a convicted felon. The cash was seized. 

Another tip about drugs came to CrimeStoppers on August 31, 2018. 

This caller said drugs were being sold from two rooms at a Motel 8 facility on Illinois Street near E. H. Crump Park on the bluff above the Mississippi River. The caller's information suggested a sophisticated operation was under way. 

That same day Organized Crime Unit officers knocked on the doors at the motel and quickly detained three suspects - Tony Alexander, Favian Busby and Deandra Bailio.

What they found at the motel showed they had uncovered a major crime scene: 24.7 grams of methamphetamine, .2 grams LSD, 120 Ecstacy pills, 73 Oxycodones, 32 amphetamines, 10 grams of bath salts, 61.4 grams of marijuana, 25 Subozone pills and 21 Alprazolam pills. Along with the drugs were $4,380 in cash, a set of digital scales and two handguns.

The three were arrested and charged with possession of controlled substances with the intent to manufacture, deliver and sell. Busby was further charged with being a convicted felon in possession of a handgun and with evading arrest.

Paid to the tipsters in those cases were $600 and $700, respectively.

CrimeStoppers relies on citizen with
information and citizens who donate

CrimeStoppers relies on two kinds of citizens to keep the pressure on criminals and to keep our community safe. Both are vital.

One kind is the citizen who sees a crime or has heard information helpful to police and contacts CrimeStoppers. The tip may come in over the phone, or as a secure web-based email or text.  http://crimestopmem.org/tips/ 

The information is forwarded to the correct unit or bureau at the correct law enforcement agency and is considered for an award each month.

The other kind of helpful citizen is one who understands that CrimeStoppers, a nonprofit organization, can only be successful if it receives donations throughout the year, and that person follows through with a gift. Any gift of any size helps fight  crime.

Fighting crime -
by the numbers

Ten felony cases were cleared in September thanks to 12 successful tips to CrimeStoppers.

The tips led to 14 arrests, including five people who were fugitives from justice. 

Police seized $21,495 and numerous weapons as they made arrests.

For the year so far, CrimeStoppers tips led to 226 arrests, 199 cases cleared (including 11 homicide cases) and the 145 fugitives found and arrested.

Through nine months, $70,250 has been approved in awards by the organization's Awards Committee.

Buy with a 'smile'
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Amazon donates to CrimeStoppers of Memphis and Shelby County whenever someone shops through the their "Smile" program and lists us as the recipient.  

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Websites building 
new awareness

CrimeStoppers and its many programs are explained - and the public is engaged - in various places on the internet.
Our main website explains the organization's purpose, and keeps count on major cases in which police need help from citizens -   crimestopmem.org.
A companion site helps students keep their schools safer -   trustpays.org.

Senior citizens who are afraid or otherwise need help can find information they can use at another site -
Spanish-speaking citizens can learn about CrimeStoppers on a fourth site -
Because the theft of copper and other metals has become a major problem in the metro area we launched CopperStoppers:

Now the public can view the list of current fugitives, including photos on our newest site - memphismostwanted.org

Help spread the word

If you like - we hope you do! - you can help the cause against the metal thieves by liking the
CopperStoppers Facebook page. And tell your friends, co-workers and acquaintances.

While you're at it, let them know about the main CrimeStoppers Facebook page too.