Record-setting month for tipsters  has CrimeStoppers pay out big sum

CrimeStoppers set two records this past month and they indicate that citizens are taking seriously the concept that reducing crime is a struggle involving the entire community, says E. Winslow (Buddy) Chapman, executive director.

The records were in the number of successful tips during the month of August (53) and in the cash awards approved ($24,500) to those tipsters. The average number of successful tips in a month is about 21 and the amount of money approved for payment about $10,000.

Additionally, successful tips (tips received by CrimeStoppers that help law enforcement make arrests of individuals for felony crimes) are up nearly 20% for the first six months of this calendar year compared to the same period of time last year.

"As I have said countless times, invariably someone knows something about every crime committed in our community," Chapman said.

"If that 'someone' contacts us with any detail - no matter how trivial it might seem - it can lead to solving a case and bringing a criminal to justice."

The Memphis Shelby Crime Commission, which is focusing on citizen involvement in crime-fighting, focused on the CrimeStoppers successes in its report to the public this month. It included the graph below in its report.

During August, CrimeStoppers tips led to 58 felony arrests, 47 police cases closed, two homicide cases closed and $55,7800 in stolen property recovered. All thanks to tipsters who called 528-CASH (2274). 

by the  numbers

The record statistics for August raised all our year-to-date numbers. Here they are, January through August:

Tips approved for payment:  261

Total awards: $114,200

Felony arrests:   274

Cases cleared:    182

Homicide cases cleared:  19

Property recovered:   $68,159

To keep an eye on our statistics, month by month as well as for the year, visit our website

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Dust off the golf clubs and help stop crime

The third annual CrimeStoppers golf tournament is set for Monday, September 30, 2019 at TPC Southwind. A few team slots remain open for late-comers.

We promise: the weather will be beautiful, the greens a challenge, the lunch food delicious, the auction items at lunch worth bidding on and every player will hit at least one hole-in-one. (Well, maybe not the latter, but the long-range forecast does look good.

For details on the tournament and signing up a team  visit our website.

The tournament is one of two fundraising events held each year by CrimeStoppers volunteers to help raise funds to replace the money paid out every month to those whose tips lead to arrests.