Two people were shopping at a Marathon Service Station on Park Avenue in July when two men bearing guns approached and robbed them.

The gunmen fled, but not before a surveillance camera got good images of one of them.

Photos were released to the public and soon a CrimeStoppers tipster provided information that led to the arrest of Demarcus Williams for the crime. The second gunmen remains at large.

Two months later, two women entered the Belt Line Market on Southern Avenue. One held a gun, the other wielded a knife. They demanded cash. But when employees fought back there was a short struggle before the robbers ran away.

Again, photos helped. And a tip led to the arrest of Ranicia Tribble and Rynikka Shell.

Growing numbers of video cameras in the community — at both commercial and residential buildings — are doing their part in catching criminals.

Images of the bad guys/gals are shown on television, on websites and in Facebook posts. The faces of the crooks sometimes are recognized by citizens who do the right thing and contact CrimeStoppers.

The information is passed to investigators and when the information helps lead to an arrest, CrimeStoppers gladly pays a cash award.