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MOAR's mission is to organize recovering individuals, families, and friends into a collective voice to educate the public about the value of recovery from alcohol and other addictions
The 27th Annual MOAR and Friends Recovery Day Celebration Video!
We are Peers on the Pathway to Recovery
Meet Addis name is Addis, and I'm a bilingual man, in long-term recovery. I am also a participant in a recovery support program, for over four(4) years now. I am alive today because of this program.  I am graduating next summer, with a BA and focus on Addiction Counseling. I participated in a a Recovery Coach Academy and  group facilitator's program.    Today I am employed as a MOAR recovery coach and group facilitator. None of this would be possible, without my recovery!  I am a peer leader at the Boston Public Health Commission' Safe and Sound Recovery Center.   I am filled with hope and the freedom  to make my own choices and decisions based on, the spiritual principles I've learned and practiced.
Growing up within two very distinct cultures, (Ethiopian and Puerto Rican) I was always trying to fit in.  Speaking Spanish wasn't enough, I had to look and dress the part as well. The problem started, as I tried to switch back and forth. "I" felt that I was not accepted because "I" felt the difference.  In the era I grew up in, everybody "partied"!! Partying was my way to become accepted and "feel" included.

I was insecure and rebellious at the same time. My partying with alcohol led to an addiction to alcohol. My breaking the rules led to interactions with the criminal justice system. I needed help for my addiction and to learn new behavior.
Desperation and the right circumstances helped me to realize that recovery is possible. Engagement in treatment was necessary to redirect my choices and for the process of recovery to begin. I learned that there are  so many pathways available  today, and began to feel included. My journey of recovery meant abstaining from mood altering substances  since May of 2013. I came to realize that I needed a a supportive community to help me get on very basic footing helping me experience  gratitude !!  I have found that every day including  today is a very good day to be in recovery!!! Today I am grateful to speak 3 languages and recovery is experienced in all languages!
Massachusetts Senators Propose Comprehensive Justice Reform Package
Together with our friends in the #JobsNotJails Coalition, MOAR has been working to help educate the public and policymakers about the importance of criminal justice reform to the addiction recovery community. We believe that In order to reduce incarceration rates, curb the opioid overdose epidemic, and end out-of-control spending, we must improve our criminal justice system to provide better support for diversion, treatment, supervision, and re-entry services. 

Senator Brownsberger introduced a redrafted bill and encompasses many positive reforms. These changes include eliminating some mandatory minimum sentences for drug offenses, shortening CORI sealing times, expanding protection for people reporting overdoses under the Good Samaritan Law, improve diversion to treatment, and much, much more. Representatives in the House are expected propose their own version of reforms soon, and they need to learn from you, the Recovery Community. Use the links below to learn and use your voice! Look forward to MOAR information and chances to use your recovery voice soon!

Co-chair of the Judiciary Committee Senator William Brownsberger together with Senate President Stan Rosenberg organized a press conference at the statehouse featuring  local leaders and advocates in support of comprehensive criminal justice reform .
Jafet Robles Advocacy Action Day!
Please Join the Jobs Not Jails Coalition for a
A Rally and Legislative Visits Day at
11:00 AM on November 1st
Second Floor at the Grand Stair Case at the Massachusetts Statehouse.

This event is named for Jafet Robles, who was tragically murdered on September 11th leaving behind his wife and 4 children. As an organizer for Neighbor to Neighbor he worked tirelessly on criminal justice reform.
MOAR has a lot to SOAR about!
Speaking Out for Addiction Recovery (SOAR), a project of MOAR, was awarded a 3-year grant from the Substance Abuse Mental Health Administration (SAMHSA) last month. The grant will fund the ongoing development of the SOAR network to connect and unify recovery community organizations (RCOs) across the state. The three goals of the grant are (1) to outreach to and engage RCOs with underserved populations; (2) to provide technical assistance and training to RCOs; and (3) to expand peer recovery support services. The third goal will involve working with the RCOs and allies to develop recovery measures and help foster integration of peer support services into healthcare delivery and other systems. The grant will help build the capacity of the more than 30 RCOs in the SOAR Network alongside key partners including, Faces and Voices of Recovery, a national addiction recovery advocacy and education organization, and Dr. John Kelly of the Recovery Research Institute of Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School.
MOAR introduces a new guide to help people understand the importance of language, stigma, and discrimination

Check out a MOAR guide to the language of Addiction Recovery coming soon!
Our MOAR Middlesex East Meeting tackles important issues such as the sober housing certification,and the need for a Peer Recovery Center in the area. Join us November 16th at 630PM at the Somerville Lions Club or check our calendar for a MOAR Regional Recovery Action Meeting in your Area

CCAR Multiple Pathways to Recovery Conference
MOAR Staff Recently Attended a wonderful CCAR multiple pathways to recovery conference in Florida with many Massachusetts friends, William White and other Recovery stars!
Kirsten and Maryanne with MOAR Friend Dr. John Kelley from MGH
SOAR Members from the Devine Recovery Center in Southie and Everyday Miracles Recovery Center in Worcester.
The man who started the Movement, Mr. William White, author of "Slaying the Dragon"
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