In April, we kicked off our 21st Century Crisis Call Center project with Transitions-Mental Health Association (TMHA). Comprised of multiple phases to better meet the mental health needs in our community, in just two months, it is incredible what YOUR investment has done thus far. 

The Need: Replace Outmoded Phone 

  • Installed new CXone calling platform; live and in use as of mid-June
  • Texting will be live by the end of August


The Need: New Headquarters

  • Must! Charities provided a $250,000 down payment to secure a new office building
  • This building will allow for 10 new crisis center volunteers to be hired and trained

The Need: Brief Therapy Clinic Pilot Program Extension 

  • Hired 3 Marriage and Family Therapy Trainees
  • These therapists will provide ongoing counseling to uninsured or underinsured for an additional 3 years

Throughout the past 10 years Must! Charities has been a strong supporter of initiatives to improve the lives of youth and adults within our community: Give Where You Live.  

Click HERE to donate or click HERE for additional project information.


Instagram vs Must!

You can guess who won ;)

Our Instagram account was deleted and all data lost.

Starting from scratch and we need you!

Please follow our page HERE.

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Help us welcome Erika, our Marketing Gladiator, to the Must! Family. Aside from facilitating multiple marketing projects this summer, she happens to have a few other tricks up her sleeve!

What we've learned so far from Erika is:

  • She is an early riser, kicking off the morning with a plain cup of coffee
  • She LOVES music (in fact she has been known to sing at her desk!)
  • Her fav concert was a Stones concert at UW Madison
  • Madison? Yes, she is from Wisconsin
  • She loves the Central Coast, but she gets cravings for cheese curds and beer brats
  • She has a wee bit of a phobia of public restrooms, especially in airplanes
  • And...she is an awesome mom, great friend and a welcome member of the Must! family!


It seems like just about everyone is traveling these days (YES!!!) so we feel pretty fortunate when we can stop by and grab a donor in between vacations, life, and busy work schedules. We look at these pictures and reflect on how each of these people make individual investments that when pooled together make GIANT impacts.

Austin Hope Golf Tourney Antics

Pebble Smith

Jo + Holly at Hope Family Wines

Doug Kruse + Tommy Thompson

Cris + JoAnn at MAHA

Jacob Allred + Koene Graves

The Team at ITEK

That is US!

Fulldraw, Dilecta, Hawks Hill + Bobby Fox


Drivers + Helpers at PURPOSE

Yep, we are at it again!  PURPOSE, our signature event, is on August 13th - looking for helpers the week of to make deliveries and people the night of to help with the auction.  If interested, contact

Prep and/or Serve Food at ECHO

Must! Night at El Camino Homeless Shelter on July 28th: Dinner Service.  Super easy, 15 minute prep kinda deal.  Check out the sign up form HERE.

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