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"What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, 

the master calls a butterfly"

-Richard Bach

 Ever found yourself in the middle of a crisis, 

that turned out to be the beginning of a new chapter of your life?


I prefer calling Midlife Crisis,  Creative Midlife Change.  Reinventing our lives can be very creative.  When what once brought us joy and passion ends, we may ask, "Is this all there is?"  Are we in crisis or can we creatively reinvent our lives?  

3  Creative Midlife Change Tips:

1. Shed and Renewal:  It begins with stopping and listening. Create some time and space for a mini retreat.

2. Recognize and Release: Use meditation and relaxation to help you center yourself. Become aware of patterns and conditioning and let them go.

3. Deeply Listen: Quiet the mind chatter through meditation and nature connection. Allow a deeper knowing to come through from your true Self.

Must see this stunning 6 min video

Gratitude HD - Moving Art
Gratitude HD - Moving Art

Stunning visuals and wise message, a must see. 3 mins
(Starts with 15 sec commercial-sorry)
The Nature of Perception
The Nature of Perception

Nice visuals, romantic fun, light weight, 2 mins
Reinvent Yourself - The Film
Reinvent Yourself - The Film



Every single cell in the human body replaces 
itself over a period of seven years. 
That means there's not even the 
smallest part of you now that 
was part of you seven years ago.

If you are renewed by grace,
and were to meet your old self, I am sure you
would be very anxious to get out of his company.
Charles H. Spurgeon

Fly, fly, Butterfly...





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photo circa 1985
Cocoon to Butterfly begins! 



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