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We are excited to announce the launch of our new quarterly newsletter! The newsletter, Connections, will highlight Power Commission products and services, current projects, community involvement, energy conservation tips, and much more!

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Winter Energy Saving Tips

The following tips will save money and energy while staying comfortable during the winter months:

  • Cover drafty windows
  • Set the thermostat on your heating unit to 68 degrees or less
  • Find and seal air leaks
  • Maintain your heating unit

For additional energy saving tips visit

Paperless Billing

Want to save trees AND receive your bill faster? Sign up for our e-billing option! With e-billing customers will receive an email with the bill amount and due date. The actual bill may be viewed online using our customer portal or our free mobile app. Emails are typically sent the morning after the bills are processed allowing you to get your bill much faster than through traditional mail options. Call us at 229-273-3811 or use our customer portal or mobile app to sign up for e-billing today! 

CCR Rule Compliance

In response to US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Georgia Environmental Protection Division (EPD) rules and regulations the Power Commission continues work to close its ash pond which had been used to dispose of coal ash from the coal-fired steam plant. The ash pond was historically used sporadically as the Plant Crisp boiler is a dual fuel (coal and/or natural gas) boiler. For economic reasons, Plant Crisp was operated primarily using natural gas. The Power Commission ceased use of coal at Plant Crisp and has no coal remaining at the site. Plant Crisp repeatedly meets all air quality requirements dictated by federal and state regulations.

Costs to date of this project exceed $11M with another $3.5M expected to be spent in 2024.

Construction of New Substation

Construction of our new substation on Pateville Road continues with an expected in-service date of Q3 2024. This station will help with load distribution and power quality in the Cedar Creek Industrial Park area.

New Gas Turbine Generation Unit

In July 2019 our gas generating unit suffered a catastrophic fire. The unit was not repairable. Staff have been working since that time overseeing construction of our replacement unit. Construction of the new unit was completed and generation began in late-June 2023.

Cordele Lion's Club Christmas Parade

The Power Commission's staff had a lot of fun creating and riding on this year’s float for the annual Cordele Lion’s Club Christmas Parade! In addition to the float we had a few of our large trucks participate in the parade. A special thank you to our float committee members for job well done!

Committee members included Angela Craft, Justin Hobbs, Erin Hurt, Blake Manning, Trey McBryant, Kristy Stevenson, Dalton Tedder, and Chad Young.

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