Summer 2018  

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What legacy do you want to leave?  It might be time to start thinking about what impact you want to have when you're gone.  
I am so excited to be able to offer my clients, one more Unique Planning Experience, with the new Assante's Charitable Giving Program. This program allows you to incorporate philanthropic giving into your wealth plan with the use of donor-advised funds through Benefaction, a registered charitable public foundation.
In addition to creating a wealth plan that has a meaningful impact, the Charitable Giving Program offers:
  • Tax savings, particularly for families and business owners.
  • Legacy planning and the opportunity to include next-generation family members in the wealth planning process.
  • Enhanced meaning for the future.

Want to learn more about Leaving a Legacy, listen to my video here .  
Want to hear directly from a Legacy expert, check out our Wealth Planning call on Aug. 8th (details below.)
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Wealth Matters Webcast  
Mark your calendars for the next session of Wealth Matters on Wednesday, August 8  at 2 p.m. ET.

Mark your calendars for the next session of Wealth Matters on Wednesday, August 8 at 2 p.m. ET.   
*Legacy planning.  How it ties into your overall Wealth Plan.
*Investment & Market Outlook.

Change is the one True Constant.

The financial services industry has certainly seen things change faster in the past few years.  
We have been inundated with new product, and many company changes over the past 24 months.
Now, there are 28 different ETF (Exchange Traded Fund) providers in Canada, and many more ETF's trade on the TSX than individual stocks.  It reminds me of the old Bruce Springsteen quote:  57 Channels and Nothing On.  More choice is great, but when there's too much to choose from, it makes any choice overwhelming.
For some of you, who may simply be questioning a holding on your statement, here are the key changes of late:
Front St. Mutual Funds, changed to Redwood and then to Purpose.
Powershares, and Trimark are all now under Invesco.  This includes the funds and the ETF's.
Sprott is now Ninepoint.

Can't find something, maybe we can help.
Carl Richards 
Primary Residence - Summer Vacations make us think of Air BnB.  But before you rent out your house, understand any financial impact.
Vacation property solutions for a taxing problem
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Guide For Business Owners:   
A strategy to maximize personal financial security upon the transfer of business ownership  
What is Business Succession Planning?
The Process of determining how you are going got transfer your business ownership and transition out of a business management role, while maximizing your personal financial security  

This helpful resource guide determines:
  • The Steps needed to arrive at a workable succession plan
  • The Type of advisory team you'll need to build a succession plan
  • The pros and cons of family succession
  • The role of business might play in funding your retirement
  • The best way to ensure the financial security of both you and your business if unforeseen events such as disability and death occur.

Working with specialist we can determine your business succession plan


Interest rates in Canada and the U.S. are expected to head higher over the next two to three years. What are the portfolio managers mandate when investing.

Thank you to all that have contributed to the charitable cause!   I had fun on the Big Bike in June, in Richmond Hill.  My team was the largest fundraiser community team in York Region.

Quote of the Month:   

"For the investor who knows what he is doing, volatility creates opportunity".
John Train 
Wishing you all a beautiful summer, to spend time to relax, rejuvenate and enjoy your family and friends.  
Janine Purves, CFP® , CPCA, CCS  
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