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Sept. | 2023

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As a leading national Managed Services Provider for the last 30 years our experts have seen just about every scenario, setup and outcome. Today bad actors worldwide are attacking companies' infrastructure every six seconds. So we decided it was time to share critical management and safety tips that will help you safeguard your system. We won't hard sell you anything–think of us as experts sharing our knowledge.

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3 Steps to Thwart An Attack

As attackers become more adept at exploiting vulnerabilities, businesses must fortify their defenses with these three moves designed to safeguard sensitive data and maintain business continuity.

Monitor Like a Crossing Guard

Ever watch a school crossing guard at the end of the school day? They continuously observe the sidewalk, street and children's every movement. The same goes for your network, systems, and applications. By implementing robust monitoring systems and technologies, organizations can detect and respond to signs of malicious activities or vulnerabilities in real-time.

Monitoring allows for the identification of unauthorized access attempts, unusual network traffic patterns, and suspicious behaviors. It also helps in tracking system performance, detecting anomalies, and identifying potential security gaps. Through vigilant monitoring, organizations can gain valuable insights into their security posture and take proactive measures to prevent breaches before they occur.

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Ask the CTO: Ep. 1

Using a real life business use case, Bill Szumski, CTO of MDS explains how your business can avoid a crippling cyber-attack.



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