A Critical Call For Help

This year 2020 has been a very challenging time world wide. The Covid 19 pandemic changed everyone's world.

I continue to pray for all of the victims of the Virus. For all sentient beings that they may find peace and calm.

I have not been able to return back home to sMenri Monastery because of my open heart surgery, some post surgery complications and the pandemic. The Monastery has been closed until the Pandemic is over and this includes the Bon Children's Home as well.

But here I want to let everyone know, although I have not been able to return back to BCH, I have complete confidence on the staff at BCH and we are in constant communication.

I have just been informed the BCH finances are in critical condition and are requesting help to maintain the BCH, care for the children's needs.

Donations for BCH has been low, I know it is because of the Covid 19 situation, but asking current, past and I hope future supporters to please help the children at the Bon Children's Home.

When we practice generosity and compassion many wonderful things happen. I open my heart to everyone to consider your help for the children.

I ask you to continue with your Sidpa Gyalmo prayers for Covid and the victims. Generate merit and compassion.

No amount is too small. You have my continued blessings and prayers always.



A Critical Call For Help

At the end of each year Yeru Bon Center sends an end of the year call for help for the children at the Bon Children’s Home in Dolanji India.   This year is no different, except we received an email from Phuntsok, the administrator of the Bon Children’s Home laying out the gravity of their financial situation.

With all that has been happening with the Pandemic, very little financial support has been given to the children at the Bon Children’s Home.  Yes, they have received contributions but in smaller amounts, mainly due to the pandemic, loss of income and not knowing what will happen next.
At the moment there are approximately 140 students inside the walls of The Bon Children’s Home, all in need of basic needs, meals, clothing and other important needs to keep the BCH facilities healthy.  

There are staff members who will not be able to receive their small salaries for taking such great care of the children; and if they have no salaries, they are not able to take care of their families.  We don’t want to loose good care takers because they have to find a job somewhere else to provide for their families.  This leaves the children in an even more terrible situation.

There are students who were granted scholarships and have been going to college and maintaining high academic standards, but there are no funds to help these children to stay in their college.

The staff and children at the Bon Children’ home are so gracious and continue to keep a positive outlook. We at Yeru Bon Center would like to be sure we can help these beautiful children. 

When I use the word survive, really, getting funds to them right away is about survival and the well-being for the Bon Children’s Home.  

We are asking for a practice in compassion and open heart - Your contribution is a blessing not only to the children, but for yourself as well.  The children are always giving prayers to all of the sponsors.  Many of our regular sponsors have admitted, without expectations, they have received so many blessings from their donations, their teachings from Rinpoche and from being a Bonpo. 


As it is here, India’s outbreak of the Corona Virus has been terrible and out of control.  The Indian government has imposed a lockdown nationwide to protect the people from the Corona virus.

Before the imposed lockdown, the staff at the Bon Children’s Home met, discussed their options. They realized they were limited on their choices because the dormitories at BCH are not designed to allow social distancing; children sleep, eat and study in close proximity to each other, with really no other choice. Their main concern was for the wellbeing of the children and their education.  So they decided to lockdown the BCH in order to protect the children, the staff, sMenri Monastery and Redna Menling Nunnery.  No one in or out.  

Some of the children’s families chose to have their child come live with them during the pandemic, leaving 140 children at the BCH. 

They arranged for the children to do online schooling and they are doing well with this.  The computers are old and difficult, but they are managing.

Food is brought into the BCH by staff members who are not allowed into the BCH. They deliver the food at the locked gate, but they are not allowed within the gates of the BCH. Outside staff members are working from their home to help manage the children’s needs. 

All of this has been happening while Rinpoche has been recovering from his Open Heart surgery and he is not able to return, but his faithful and devoted staff are taking wonderful care of the children keeping them safe and healthy.


Phuntsok and the staff at the BCH are doing an amazing job with keeping the children focused on their studies, redirecting their fears into positive activities.

The children are in good health, spending time in positive ways, focusing on their online school work, their exams, games and being a good support for each other. 

The children’s temperatures are monitored weekly.  Every other day, the children are given ginger tea to help increase their immunity. They are also given Tibetan herbal medicine to protect them from other seasonal illness as the weather is changing.

The children who graduated this past March are helping to take care of the primary school children with their studies until lockdown has been lifted and they are able to leave and attend college.  

It is expensive taking care of children – one, two, three or 140 children. They have needs and they have no outside resources other than what Latri Nyima Dakpa Rinpoche’s students or friends contribute.   


Funds are extremely low at the BCH for basic needs: Food, personal hygiene supplies for the children, clothing, medical care, Ayahs and care takers. We have never seen such a letter from Phuntsok saying how critical it has been and asking for immediate help.


The children who received support to continue their further education are at a critical point with no support to continue on their education or to help the students in lock down and are waiting to continue their education. Remember, these students worked so hard to maintain a high grade point average above the average student outside of the BCH. They know, they must show gratitude and respected for the help they receive to continue their further education. They are so proud of their chosen path to better themselves and to be of service to others when they graduate. Nurses, doctor, engineers, topographers, hotel industries and more. We don't want to let them down after working so hard to earn their high grade point average.


We are certainly concerned that the virus stays outside the walls of the BCH.  
But, there is another issue.  The fact that BCH is in lock-down increases the structural problems for BCH. Many repairs are required, and due to the lockdown, repair people are not able to enter to do the work. The engineering project to buttress the retaining walls, re-roofing the dormitories, setting new concrete flooring for the dormitories, and many other projects aren’t getting done. 

We can’t do these repairs during the pandemic. But we can do our best to raise the funds needed for these critical repairs, so there is no delay once the lock-down is over.   We find ourselves praying the repairs can be done before the monsoon comes and puts the children and the facility at risk of collapsing retaining walls and roofs.  


And then there is the “domestic” side of the children’s needs. The children need new blankets, warmer with fewer holes. New beds are needed, as some of them are falling apart after years of use.

New clothes and shoes are always needed. With winter coming, warm sweaters and coats are always needed. In past, volunteers have knitted or crocheted warm caps for the children.

The BCH has a computer lab, donated by generous donors. Many of these computers are now becoming outdated with the technology changes in education. Good internet is another requirement.  It would be great to find a sponsor or sponsors to take on the task of updating the computer lab.

NOVEMBER 17TH - 24, 2020

This week we are holding a daily champagne to meet the critical needs for the children at the Bon Children's home and for help with their facility and other important needs.

Together we can all make a difference to help these children at the Bon Children's Home. Please share this with your friends, families and co-workers who would like to help and to make an end of the year tax deductible giving.

To make a donation and to help the children
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Cultivating Generosity and Compassion is a practice in creating beautiful Mandalas for our well-being

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We also received this wonderful letter from Phuntsok, and we thank the sponsorship of this special meal for the children.

Dear All,
BCH, 14/11/2020.. On 14th November is a birthday of 1st Prime Minister of India Sh. Pandit Jawaharlaa Nehru and it is celebrated as a Children’s Day all over India. But this year due to pandemic school has been closed since last 8th months and children have to stay at home by doing online classes. So, to celebrate this special occasion, we have served special lunch to our children and even though students and their beloved teacher haven’t seen each other since the school close but they are always in touch with them through their emotion and Love. To express their love for their students, our school Sambhota Tibetan School, Dholanji teachers and staff members has serve them  with sweets, juice and fruits to our children on this special day.
So, at the end we wish you all a very children’s day. May god bless with all success, good health and happiness in your.

Phuntsok Dhargyal
Bon Children's Home Society, Dolanji

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