Caring, Compassion, and Critical Support during Crisis

Good Morning Friends,

As we enter another week dealing with the COVID-19 crisis I can’t thank you all for your thoughts and support. So much has happened in a very short period of time and our staff is pivoting quickly to address the many concerns to our clients, students, and consumers. Today I want to provide you an important update on how the Massachusetts Association for the Blind & Visually Impaired (MABVI) is responding.
We are concerned for our consumers, majority are 75-90 years old.
Given visitation mandates, staff/volunteers are unable to meet with seniors to assess their well-being and needs as we have done in the past. However, our amazing staff is stepping in at every turn. Listen to one of our consumers talk about a phone call she received from our MABVI staff.
Here is how MABVI is adapting to the challenges of this crisis:
·      All of our MABVI Peer Support group meetings have shifted from in-person to phone meetings.
·       MABVI’s in-home 1:1 volunteer services are being limited so our occupational therapists (OT) are contacting our blind clients, determining their needs, and identifying and coordinating services in their community.
·       OTs will also ensure that basic needs such as groceries and medications are met, coordinating efforts with existing elder services/housing organization and troubleshooting individual crises as necessary.
·       Isolation is a struggle; these forced mandates can be detrimental to one's mental health. Our clinical team is conducting depression screenings and working closely with MABVI's leadership to identify resources and referral supports for individuals as necessary.

We are reaching out to funders and generous donors to give to our  Emergency Response Fund  which will meet the critical and changing needs of MABVI’s statewide reach.  The money raised will be directed immediately to areas of most need statewide, while also allowing us to maintain our day to day operations.

We know these are difficult and uncertain times, however your support today is allowing us to support so many who are at risk. Thank you for making a  donation today .

I continue to be grateful for the support of our community and amazed by our incredible staff who have stepped up to respond to this unprecedented health emergency. It makes me proud to have such a dedicated and talented team.

We will get through this. Take care of each other. Stay healthy.
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Barbara Salisbury
CEO MAB Community Services

P.S. I encourage you to visit our Coronavirus (Covid-19) updates pages on our 3 websites for helpful resources and details on what each individual program is doing.