Caring, Compassion, and Critical Support during Crisis

Good Morning Friends,

I hope you and your family are safe and healthy. Whether you are working from home, distance learning, or like, many of our staff, on the "front lines" my thoughts are with you all. Our world has changed so much in the past three weeks. In the face of these unprecedented circumstances, my pride for our dedicated staff swells. Many can’t work from home, because they provide critical care and support. I am also heartened by the outpouring of support to our Emergency Response Fund, because of your generosity we have raised $87,000.   
Massachusetts Association for the Blind & Visually Impaired in ACTION

MABVI’s staff pivoted quickly to form emergency case management teams. Our assistive technology trainers are using ZOOM to create virtual training courses. Our occupational therapists use telehealth in place of face to face therapy. And our support groups are now setting up meetings via conference calls.  Our team is nimble, quick to serve, and our clients' fortitude is amazing.

Mental health and isolation are big concerns, and the MABVI staff have been reaching out to consumers to check in on their well-being and making sure they have food and their medications. So far, we’ve touched base with over 600 consumers with a goal to reach 1,000 this week. Concerns are many but our consumers are resilient, grateful, and use humor to get by.

Sassy's tips for surviving at the Grocery Store

Executive Director OF MABVI. Sassy Outwater Wright, shares her personal experience on everyday challenges.
Stories to Share

I want to share a few stories that have been passed on to me, such as making sure a consumer has the medication for her disabled child.. We connected a client with food access issues to a local food bank. We helped a consumer download talking books on her new IPAD and spoke with a daughter of a consumer concerned about her mother’s escalating anxiety. And we spoke to an 81-year-old who usually walks to the store with her volunteer—but this isn’t possible now. The solution was simple, online ordering.

So often, we have heard that “it’s nice to talk to someone” from many clients who now have limited social contact. This is what makes the work we do so rewarding, knowing that we are providing critical care and support.

Thank you for your ongoing support. Please stay safe, and together we will get through this.  

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Barbara Salisbury
CEO MAB Community Services

P.S. I encourage you to visit our Coronavirus (Covid-19) updates pages on our 3 websites for helpful resources and details on what each individual program is doing .