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Processor Flaws "Meltdown" and "Spectre"

Btech has recently learned about critical new vulnerabilities that exposes 20 years of devices to new attacks. 

What is it? 

According to Jimmy Graham of Qualys News, "Meltdown allows any application to access all system memory, including memory allocated for the kernel*... Spectre allows an application to force another application to access arbitrary portions of its memory, which can then be read through a side channel" 

The Meltdown vulnerability appears to affect only Intel chips, while the Spectre  vulnerability impacts Intel, AMD, and ARM chips. 

*.The kernel inside a chip is an invisible process that facilitates the way apps and functions work on your computer." 

How can you protect your network?

As of today, January 4, 2018, Microsoft has issued patches to address this flaw, and additional patches will be released in the coming days. Mac and Chromebook fixes are also available. 

If you are a current Btech Patch Management customer, you will receive specific instructions on how Btech engineers are making sure your workstations and servers are being kept secure. 

Please be aware, correction of these flaws could lead to system slowdowns. How much of a slowdown will vary based on the processor and type of use. 

A  vulnerability assessment should be performed on the environment in the next few weeks to ensure that the vulnerability does not exist. 

Again, we are reminded of the importance of a patch management process. If you do not have a patch management solution in place, or would like assistance in better understanding how a patch management service can help secure your credit union, please contact Btech. 

Please feel free to contact me at or 626-397-1045 if you have any questions, or if we can help in any way. 


How Secure Are Your Vendors? 

Have you ever thought to yourself, "how secure are my vendors?"

You rely on many vendors to provide a long list of services to your credit union and your members. These vendors are critical to your operations. But, are they secure? 

Btech is proud of the fact that we are SSAE-16 certified. (SOC2 Type II). We also make it easy to work with us by providing a complete vendor due-diligence package to all of our service agreement clients. 


"Since 2007, Santa Ana Federal Credit Union has trusted Btech for our network environment upgrades and their reliable managed security services. Btech has proven itself a rapid responder to our needs time and again; considering we have no in-house IT for day to day activities, it is clear how important their response times are to our operations. In order to keep up with changes in technology, we have implemented Btech's Mobile Device Management service in order to protect our members' personal information, as well as meet regulatory guidelines. We would recommend Btech to any credit union looking for assistance with their network security and operational needs".
John Hendrix
Santa Ana Federal Credit Union

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