New Accounting Integration Update

We are having a production update today at 5:00 pm ET. Please read below for more information.
What is changing?
The Multi-Department Accounting feature in allows your company to post to different accounting files in your accounting software, based on the department tied to the transaction. This will enable you to maintain separate accounting records for each cieTrade department.
What you will need to do:
If you have only 1 department posting to 1 accounting file:  The accounting manager will need to reestablish the accounting link to You can access this from Settings> Integration to select your accounting software. This will then direct you to Departments to connect using your accounting software logon.
If you have multiple departments posting to 1 accounting file:  Follow the same steps as above, but link the main department to your accounting file.
If you have multiple departments posting to multiple accounting files:  The accounting manager will first need to select the accounting software in Settings > Integration, this will then direct you to Departments. Select the multi-department accounting button. You will then need to link each department to the relevant accounting company by clicking Connect on each department and selecting the correct accounting company. 
Now your cieTrade department will be linked to one QuickBooks login credential, we suggest that the accounting manager or account holder of the company be the one to link the files.
cieTrade will automatically sync your counterparties if you only have one department. 
IF YOU HAVE MULTIPLE DEPARTMENTS: Please contact on Thursday or Friday to review the changes and set up a brief meeting to check that the posting process is correct.