Intimate. Excellent.
"A brilliant, flawless masterpiece!"
- Examiner
"Touching! A breath of fresh air!"
- Life in LA 
"A Must See!"
- LA Splash Magazine

The Fountain Theatre presents The West Coast Premiere of
On the Spectrum
Rave Reviews for 'On the Spectrum'!
"Extraordinary! Fountain Theatre Soars  with 'On the Spectrum' ... yet another triumph for the remarkable Fountain Theatre. This is a production that will take your breath away. If you only have the opportunity to get to one play this spring, On the Spectrum is the one to see!" - Examiner

"Fascinating! The play's three performers honor the material with sensitivity and commitment. Shaked and Newcomb refuse to reduce their characters to their deficits. Instead, they show us individuals whose strengths are tied in fascinating ways to their so-called limitations. As Elisabeth, a photo editor contending with employment woes and a divorced mother dealing with a son's need for autonomy, Hackett lends compassionate understanding to her character ... The value of the play's advocacy shouldn't be underestimated...  In LaZebnik's play, there's a place for all of us on the autism spectrum." - Los Angeles Times

"Beautiful! Affecting and carefully observed performances ... Watching the beautiful work of Virginia Newcomb and Dan Shaked is witnessing a flag being planted for hope, sensitivity, and artistic progress." - Backstage

"Flawless! Witty and poignant." - LA Weekly 

"Amazing! Excellent! Dan Shaked is at once funny and sad, making his character work. Virginia Newcomb is a willowy beauty. She is vulnerable and funny and tough. Kudos to video designer Jeff Teeter for amazing projections that fill the stage with phantasmagorical images rivaling any tech in any theater, large or small." - On Stage Los Angeles

"A Must See! Both charming and original" - LA Splash magazine

"Brilliant! All in all, this show was a breath of fresh air. Educational, informative and full of hope... This story is so sweet and hopeful you'll be pulling for the characters ... Shaked and Newcomb are both exceptionally talented ... Jaws drop in awe ... I've seen none, not even at L.A.'s more prestigious theaters, that pull it off as well as The Fountain."- Life in LA
"Absolutely Splendid! As always, a superb team effort by the whole cast  and crew of the wonderful Fountain Theatre." - Beverly Press   
Not your (nuero)typical love story. 
Mac has Asperger's. Iris has Autism. An online e-chat blossoms into a funny and unforgettable love story with a difference.
   Funny! Charming! Quirky! Poignant! 
On the Spectrum 
by Ken LaZebnik

Jeanie Hackett   Virginia Newcomb   Dan Shaked
 directed by  Jacqueline Schultz 
  Now - April 28
  TH - SAT 8pm  SUN 2pm  
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5060 Fountain Avenue * Hollywood * Secure Parking
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This production is sponsored, in part, by The Help Group, the largest and most innovative nonprofit of its kind in the U.S. serving children with autism, learning differences and other special needs.


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