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August 26, 2021

We highlight unique and interesting wines, how to buy them locally, and how to experience these wines where they are made.

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The Istria Wine Region of Croatia

Istria is a heart-shaped peninsula in the north-west of Croatia, where the hills are dense with truffles and the coast appears to glitter. This is the millennial’s Tuscany – the food is influenced by nearby Venice (Italy controlled the area until 1947), the verdant olive groves inland produce award-winning oils, the sea is Instagram blue and surrounds cobbled fishing villages. 


A turbulent history has prevented Istria from becoming one of the classic European wine regions. Named after the Histri, the first settlers on this heart-shaped peninsula of the North Adriatic, Istria has been part of many countries throughout its checkered history.

One Istrian winemaker explains the last 100 years simply: “My grandfather was born in Austria, my father was born in Italy, I was born in Yugoslavia and my daughter was born in Croatia. We were all born in the same house”.

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Two of the Best Known Grapes in Istria are Teran (Red) and Malvasia (White)

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Istrian Malvasia is produced in different ways, but this white grape variety makes three basic types of wine. Base Malvasia is a lower-quality wine intended for fast consumption. The second one is fresh Malvasia, which carries the IQ (Istrian Quality) mark; it is produced from high-quality grapes and has a shelf-life of up to three years. The third one is matured Malvasia that hits the markets no earlier than two years after the grapes are picked, and can last several years. In fact, Istrian Malvasia is one of the few white varieties that can mature over ten years. If you want to serve it with a meal, fresh Istrian Malvasia goes well with dishes such as pork tenderloin or pasta with asparagus and vegetables, or even oysters and grilled or oven-roasted white fish. Macerated Malvasia will perfectly complement heavier meat dishes such as veal steaks.

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Wine made from the Teran grapes in western Istria is a ruby red, almost purple red wine. The quality of the wine depends greatly on the location and the conditions in the vineyard. It requires a lot of sun (especially in the late summer, because it’s picked unusually late) and not a lot of water.

Teran has a fruity aroma that is easy to recognize, and has hints of berries and pepper, unusually high acidity, and high tannins with not too high alcohol content: 12 – 13%. Usually enjoyed as a young wine, as the traditional wisdom is that it does not age too well. it is served alongside red meat, “istarski pršut” (dried ham), strong cheeses and game dishes.


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Things to See and Do in Istria

The city of Pula is home to world-class festivals, fresh and affordable cuisine, and the most complete Roman colosseum in the world. The colosseum is the only Roman amphitheater in the world with a complete circle wall. It was built to hold 20,000 spectators and is still used today as an outdoor cinema and to host events as diverse as ice hockey, foodie markets and Tom Jones concerts.

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Istria is primo truffle country — and attending a truffle hunt with cute dogs and then eating a truffle feast is an unforgettable foodie experience. Truffles spring from the symbiosis of a helpful tree fungus. The truffles help the trees find nutrients, and the trees provide carbohydrates so the truffles can grow. The result is astonishing: A black truffle is firm as a gourd, grooved like coral, jet black on the outside, and veiny inside, the hue of white pepper. The taste of But inhale it, and the musky aroma envelopes your senses, lending a remarkably tasty and addictive quality to any foods they enhance.

The Brijuni islands are a collection of fourteen islands and islets whose proximity to the mainland means there is frequent boat service.  The islands have a fascinating history, and some unusual sights in the present day, as a result.  The best way of taking in most of sights is on a guided tour. A “tourist train” will guide you round Veliki Brijun, the largest island with frequent boat service. The tour will take in the safari park and its animals, many of which are on the island as they were given as gifts to President Tito, the former Yugoslav leader.


Our next edition of the Wine & Travel Update will highlight Valpolicellla wines of Italy

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