Blueberry picking begins this week!
Crop Talk: June 21 ~ Week 3
We move from red to blue this week -- that's not a political statement: the cherry trees are picked clean, so we're move on to blueberries. We have several hundred blueberry bushes, with different varieties that ripen on different schedules, so this weekend we'll give the blueberries a break and shift to black raspberries. Then we'll go back to the blueberry patch.

Blueberries are both delicious and surprisingly nutritious: they'll de-oxidize you, strengthen your heart, lower your blood pressure, sharpen your thoughts, and even improve your memory. You can dump them right from your picking bucket into a ziplock bag and freeze them for pies or smoothies in November. Come on out and pick your fill. 
Stone Cottage~ Loafing Shed Farm Stay
We are pleased to offer the Stone Cottage for overnight accommodation. This former "loafing shed" has been is equipped with a queen-sized bed, sitting room, full bath, and kitchenette.

In its early days, the structure provided shelter for farm animals in the high pasture that now is home to the cherry, peach, and apple trees. The term "loafing shed" comes from our patriarch, Farmer Bob, as they used to say that the animals were "loafing" when they took a break from a day's work in the shed.

Rates are $289 plus tax per night this time of year, and $350 per night on September and October weekends. For more information or reservations, please email

Keep us in mind when you need a get away!

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