Crop Talk, November 21, 2016
Open 10am-5pm November 21-22
Last wagon at 4:00 

Happy Thanksgiving!
   Best wishes for Happy Holidays to all our members! Thanks for a great year. We look forward to serving you again in 2017.

  Great Country Farms closes for the season on November 23, and we'll re-open in late March or early April. Bluemont Vineyard and Dirt Farm Brewing are open year round, so come out for a beer or a glass of wine and enjoy the view. We'd love to see you in the off-season.

   Come out today or tomorrow for one last wagon, and pick some spinach and beets for your holiday table. We'll also have pies available tomorrow while supplies last: classic apple, apple-cranberry, and pecan.

Still Picking Beets

   Beautiful, hardy beets thrive in cool, dry weather, and when they're fresh and young they don't have to roast for an hour before you eat them. They don't even have to be peeled.

   Here's what I do with them: cut off the greens and set them aside. Chop an onion and start sauteeing it. Wash the beet bulbs and cut off the hairy roots, then slice them into medallions 1/8 inch thick. Lay the medallions in with the onions. Rinse the greens, pat them dry, chop them coarsely. When you start to see beet juice on the medallions (about five minutes), put the chopped greens on top of the beets, add some coarse salt, and put a cover on the skillet. Let the whole thing steam for five minutes more. If you like it saucy, add some white wine.

   That's good food.

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