Crop Talk July 17, 2017
CSA Week 7

    Sweet corn makes its debut this week. Most of us like to eat our corn right off the cob, but if you're looking for a different way to use it, you might try cutting the kernels off the cob and frying them in butter with some diced red pepper and a lot of chopped basil. There's nothing from the brassicas family in this week's box, but the chard can be used in the same way you would use kale. It's softer than kale, so you can eat the colorful stalks if you cut them into small pieces. Here's a raw chard recipe I plan to try this week.

    If you still have some of last week's cabbage, you might try this dish, which CSA member Allison Schumacher described for me in the market the other day:

   Start with finely-cut kale (Allison used shears instead of a knife), ribbon-sliced red cabbage, a green apple cut into matchsticks, thin-sliced spring onion. For the dressing, mix these ingredients: full-fat plain yogurt, fresh-squeezed orange juice plus zest, a little cider vinegar, a little maple syrup, a little minced garlic or ginger, and olive oil. Whip all that together and dress the salad right before eating. I threw in raisins and sunflower seeds. The orange juice is a bright surprise.

   By the way, since we don't spray our cabbage, broccoli, or kale with poison, you might find a cabbage worm or two on those items. They're harmless, but most people prefer not to eat them, so you might try soaking your broccoli in salt water for a few minutes to dislodge the squigglies from their hiding places. Chard does not belong to the brassicas family, so cabbage worms don't like it.

Week 7 Shares Include: apples , nectarines, peaches, sweet corn, chard, potatoes, onions

Pick-your-own bonus: 6 peaches.

Bonus Value this week: $3.50
Year-to- Date Bonus Value:  $110.17

What is the YTD Bonus Value? Each week we total up the market value of the bonus pick-your-own items. The value to date includes 8 quarts of strawberries, two bags of spinach, four bundles of asparagus, three quarts of sweet cherries, a quart of tart cherries, two pints of black raspberries, two quarts of blackberries, and 24 peaches, and two bags of green beans.

Please note that bonus amounts do not carry over from week to week, and they are offered while supplies last.  

Wagon rides to the fields will start at 9:15 sharp and continue at the top of every the hour until 5:00. We update our Twitter @TheFarmerSays with the latest picking conditions, so be sure to follow us.

Group Site Members: 
Please remember that you must pick up your box on delivery day. All boxes contain perishable items that spoil easily, so any boxes that are not claimed within the designated pick-up window will be donated. Your host is not permitted to hold your box overnight.

    Bonnie McDaniel, creator of the gardening and lifestyle blog Farm Girl in the City, was out picking peaches this weekend. We thought we'd share her kale salad ideas and invite you all to get acquainted with her her blog. Thanks for visiting GCF, Bonnie!
Dogs Like Good Food Too
   CSA members Eric and Julie Parkhurst understand that your dog's health depends on what he eats, just as yours does. That's why they started EJ's Meats & Treats, a family business that produces smoked and dehydrated natural pet treats. Each of their treats is hand-processed, with no unnatural preservatives, additives or fillers. Meat treats are made from all natural free-range livestock and poultry raised on family-run USDA certified farms in the United States. And they use produce from Great Country Farms.  EJ’s Meats & Treats takes pride in the quality and love that goes into each treat that goes into your pet's mouth. Never before has spoiling your pet been so affordable.   

   A selection of their treats is now available in our market.

Cooking with Lee  

   Long-time CSA member Lee Draznin has embarked on a blogging project this year: it's called "What Do I Do With This Box?", and the name speaks for itself. We invite all of you to join us in Lee's kitchen for the next few months, while we learn how he uses the bounty that comes to his door every week.  

Here's Lee's post from Week 6: 

   "This week’s box holds some interesting treats.  I like getting things that can have extended growing seasons and may come in either the early Summer or Fall.  Multiple plantings make for a very long green bean season. Kale is a great spring green that also will survive fall frosts.  I believe its even better when it has survived a frost.  Broccoli is another great early and late vegetable."

Read more here.
Bluegrass at Bluemont Vineyard

   Get excited for our 2nd Annual Beef & Bluegrass Festival!  Local Bluegrass bands The Plank Stompers, Short Hill Mountain Boys, and King Street Bluegrass are back again this year to give you a day full of entertainment. Join us for live music, beef brisket, and our summertime wine slushies. Gather your friends and purchase your tickets before they sell out!  

   $10.00 tickets include admission to the festival, a souvenir glass, and 10% discount on all bottle purchases.

Discounts apply to Vista Club Members.
Buy tickets here

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