Crop Talk June 19, 2017
CSA Week 3

   A spate of warm afternoons has brought some new faces into the market: blueberries, black raspberries, and the first peaches of the season. We have nearly a dozen varieties of peaches, which ripen at different times, so the peach season sometimes lasts for six to eight weeks. Black raspberries, on the other hand, arrive in a short burst of intensity. The bushes are loaded this week, so come on out and pick a few pints of these luscious flavor buds.

    We also have Swiss chard and garlic scapes this week. Chard is usually braised or sauteed and then used in much the same way as kale. Garlic scapes are the flower stalks on hardneck garlic plants. We cut them off to make the plants invest their energy in the underground. Scapes are milder than garlic bulbs. They are usually added to stir-frys, braised greens, or anywhere you might use scallions. I've never used them raw, but you could try that if you like a stronger flavor.

Week 2 Shares Include: 1 bag of Swiss chard, 1 bag of arugula, 1 bag of lettuce, 1 garlic scape, 1 bundle of asparagus, 1 bundle of spring onions, 6 peaches, 1 box of cherries, 1 cilantro plant.

Pick-your-own bonus: 6 peaches, 2 pints black raspberries

Group Site Members: 
Please remember that you must pick up your box on delivery day. All boxes contain perishable items that spoil easily, so any boxes that are not claimed within the designated pick-up window will be donated. Your host is not permitted to hold your box overnight.

We Great Country farmers are both food producers and food consumers, so we think a lot about how our food affects our health -- and yours. This book surprised us. Using very recent science, it builds a strong argument about what happens in our bodies. Here's an excerpt from an article by the author:

"Through many years of research, I've found that very small things can cause big health problems. That’s exactly the premise of my new book, The Plant Paradox: The Hidden Dangers of "Healthy" Foods That Cause Disease and Weight Gainwhich shares how one plant protein could play a role in your health woes.

After nearly 20 years of researching the optimum nutritional treatments for myself and my patients, I’ve discovered lectins. These tiny proteins live inside certain plants and act as a defense mechanism by making their predator ill when eaten. I think they play a huge role in America’s health crisis.

A lectin is a type of protein (susceptible to various diseases, bacteria, and viruses) that forces carbs (sugars, starches, and fibers) to clump together and even attach to certain cells in your body when you eat them. Often, lectins can get in the way of important cells communicating with one another. And when that happens, the body’s response is usually inflammation or some other type of reaction to toxicity, like nausea, diarrhea, or vomiting. A break in cellular communication can also result in symptoms like fatigue or forgetfulness.

Trust me, 12 years ago, if I was reading my own book claiming that one tiny plant protein—in collaboration with other disrupters—was the cause of so much illness, such as diabetes, aching joints, Parkinson’s disease, depression, IBS, infertility, cancer, baldness, brain fog, weight gain, and more…I would have thrown it in the trash. However, after successfully treating tens of thousands of patients by cutting out lectins and adding polyphenol- and prebiotic-rich foods to their diet—I'm convinced. That is more than enough proof even for a perpetually skeptical mind like mine."

Read more here.

Learn Life Skills while Playing Games at Great Country Farms!

The same skills that you and your dog use for fetch, freestyle, and agility help you navigate everyday life challenges and situations. We’ll mix it up, while you and Fido work and play in the rich farm setting. Our workshops include:

• Canine Parkour – July 8
• Love the Leash – July 22
• Nose Work – August 12
• Silly Games – September 9

Each workshop runs from 4 – 6 p.m., with a mid-class break. If you buy a  3, 4, or 5 session punch card before your first class, the cost per session is $50. Alternatively, you may purchase individual sessions for $60.

Farm admission for one person is included in punch cards and individual session fees. Come to train, and spend the day! If you’re a Member of the Farm, please email to receive a member discount code.
For more information on our special Great Country Farms workshops, visit our  Great Country Fidos page.
Joyful Dog also offers private lessons, Training Pairs, and special events at the farm during the May through October harvest season!

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