Crop Talk, May 1, 2017

Strawberry Fields Open

   Our Sweet Charley strawberries are ripening fast, and the Chandlers aren't far behind, so come on out and do some picking. We've shifted to summer hours, with gates opening at 9:00 and wagons running at 9:15 and the top of every hour thereafter until 5:00. Market bonuses for CSA members this week include a bundle of asparagus and a bag of spinach.

   We planted corn, beans, squash, neck pumpkins, and 1,000 blueberry bushes last week, and on Friday a dozen piglets were born. Still waiting on the goats.

   We're beginning to build CSA delivery routes. Delivery days will be published in Crop Talk later in May.

   Remember: we've rescheduled the Strawberry Jubilee Festival for the first two weekends in May. We'll have live music, Diaper Derby, a pie-eating contest, and a lot of strawberries. Admission is included with your CSA membership. 

A New Form of Soy Can Help Feed Baby Pigs, Says New Study

   There are a few different reasons why you might want to feed a weanling pig—that's a pig that's just been taken off its mother's milk—a vegetarian diet. The most pressing of which is simply economical: Feed consisting of only vegetable sources tends to be much less expensive than feed that includes animal protein, which makes it an enticing option for farmers. Until now, a pig’s specific dietary needs have indicated that a vegetarian feed at this stage in the pig’s life isn’t a great option. But a new study from the University of Illinois indicates that with some careful tinkering, it might be possible.

Read more here.

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