Crop Talk, August 8: Week 10
The Squash Family

  Summer squash comes in many sizes, shapes, and textures. Most of them are varieties of Cucurbita pepo, which was probably first cultivated in Mexico some 10,000 years ago, making it one of the first species to be domesticated.

   Though we treat them like vegetables, squashes are actually fruits, meaning they're part of the plant's reproductive process -- they contain the seeds and nourishment required to start new plants. 

According to World's Healthiest Foods, "recent research has shown that the polysaccharides in summer squash include an unusual amount of pectin—a specially structured polysaccharide that often include special chains of D-galacturonic acid called homogalacturonan. It's this unique polysaccharide composition in summer squash that is being linked in repeated animal studies to protection against diabetes and better regulation of insulin. We expect to see future studies on humans confirming these same types of benefits from consumption of summer squash."

Why Did This Cherry Farmer Dump 40,000 Pounds of Fruit on the Ground?

By Dan Nosowitz, from Modern Farmer

   One farmer's short post about his cherry crop has garnered more than 60,000 shares on Facebook, along with stories in both the local and regional press.

   Here’s the caption Michigan cherry farmer Marc Santucci posted alongside the picture you see at left (photo courtesy of Marc Santucci): "These cherries are beautiful! But, we have to dump 14% of our tart cherry crop on the ground to rot. Why? So we can allow the import of 200 million pounds of cherries from overseas! It just doesn’t seem right. What do you think?" (Read more here.)

Shenandoah Valley Cake Festival 

   Nibblins is excited to host the first annual Shenandoah Valley Cake Festival in Winchester!  Ms. Kerry Vincent from the Food Network will be here as the judge. Nibblins will offer cake-related classes on Friday night and Saturday in our demonstration kitchen with vendor demonstrations throughout the day.  The festival moves Saturday evening to the Reception Room at Omps for the Cupcake Gala, and to The George Washington Hotel on Sunday for the cake show.

Saturday, August 13

9:00 Introduction to Cake Pops with Beckaboo’s

9:30 Kerry Vincent Live at Dominion Tea in Purcellville

11:00 Magic Chocolate 101

1:00 Introduction to Sugar Cookie Decorating

7:00  Cupcake Gala

Location: Reception Room at  1600 Amherst Street Winchester, Virginia 22601

Sunday, August 14

10:00 Cake Show

Location: The George Washington Hotel 103 E. Piccadilly Street Winchester, Virginia 22601

Get your tickets here!

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