Crop Talk, September 12: Week 15

Signs of Fall

   Here are some indicators that we're transitioning from summer to fall:

~ Temperatures on the Blue Ridge dropped into the 50s last night.

~ All of next year's strawberry plants have been moved from their incubation pots into the field.

~ Hard-skinned squashes are showing up in the market -- they'll be in boxes soon.

~ The cucumbers are finally done.

~ We're pressing cider in front of the Roosteraunt two days a week.

~ They're picking grapes up in the vineyard.

~ Our pigs are getting ready to race.

   Summer's not completely gone, however. We still have corn and tomatoes, and we'll start picking one last variety pf peaches later this week. So after you clean your chimney and shovel out your woodstove, come on out to the farm and enjoy the last of the last of the shirt-sleeve weather.

Lady Liberty Corn Maze Now Open!

Celebrate our freedom and the 130th Birthday of the Statue of Liberty with a challenging excursion in this year's corn maze. We've moved the maze to a new location this year so veteran maze-walkers can cover new ground.

We will be doing apple cider pressing demonstrations on Saturdays and Sundays through September at 11am, 1pm, and 3pm. Come and meet Farmer Jake and Pawpaw, and learn about making apple cider.  

We'll also have live music each weekend in September. This weekend we welcome Pete Carlone on both Saturday and Sunday from noon to 4:00.  

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