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June 1, 2015: CSA Season Begins
May 2015
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Some Delivery Days Have Changed!
Check Your Day
Dear CSA Members:

The 2015 CSA season starts tomorrow, June 2. Our routes continue to develop as new members join our program, so some delivery days have changed in the past few days. Please double-check this list to determine which day of the week we'll be serving your zip code or your group site this year. Note that we will serve some group sites on days that don't correspond to their zip code, so if you belong to a group site, look for that site's delivery day.

20171, 22032, 22124, 22031, 22302, 22304, 22310, 22312, 22315, 22151, 22150, 22152, 22153, 22003, 22015

Alfaro Group, Oili2Go, FNS-USDA, Cronin Group, Ross Group, Hagner Group, Great Harvest-Herndon, Wine'ing Butcher, Nova Medical

20129, 20132, 20141, 20158, 20164, 20165, 20166, 22030, 22033, 22209, 22201, 22202, 22203, 22204, 22205, 22206, 22207, 22066, 22101, 22102,

1851 S. Bell Street, Glatfelter Group, Krieger Group, Rhodes Hill Group, Sport and Spine Rehab, Zotian Group, 7 Company, Leesburg Chiropractic, Dr. Oliver's Office, AOL, Bartram Group, Grimes Group, JJ Ketzle Group, Musson Group, Sayen Group, Ticonderoga Farms, Tollefson Group, The Wellness Connection

20105, 20152, 20120, 20151, 20190, 20191, 20194, 22033, 22041, 22042, 22043, 22044, 22046, 22314, 22301, 22302, 22305, 22303, 22180, 22181, 22182

Great Harvest-Vienna, Lupo Group, MPR Associates, Winwood Group, Musci Group, Brew LoCo, Fiscus Group, May Group,

20147, 20148, 20175, 20176

CSA Deliveries Begin Tuesday
   The first boxes of the CSA season will include a bag of kale, a potted basil plant, a bundle of asparagus, a bundle of spring onions, a quart of strawberries, and a pint of sweet cherries.

U-pick bonus for this week is  four quarts of strawberries!

   Wagons will run every hour on the hour, from 9:15 until 5:00. Please allow enough time to check in before the wagon departs.  

Note that bonuses run from Tuesday through the following Monday each week.

Also available in the market:
sweet corn

In This Issue
Dirt Farm Brewing on Tap

   After many months of careful preparation, Dirt Farm Brewing will celebrate its grand opening on July 10. In advance of that exciting event, Bruce and Janell have invited CSA members to come up the hill and kick the tires on this new venture, which will soon be one of Loudoun County's most popular farm breweries.  

Light and Fresh

  " This Fried Rice is intended to have many bold flavors.  The essential ingredient is the Spicy Chili Crisp that gives it rich spicy flavor, but not overpowering.  This is a very popular dried chili paste in China, which inspired me to use it in this application."

Read more here .


Local theater group Theaterpalooza will be performing Saturday at Great Country Farms. Come on out to see their work.


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Honey Extraction with Bill Bundy and Loudoun Bee Keepers
June 13