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March 11, 2015: Meat, Cheese, and Wheatgrass
March 2015
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No daffodils along the path between the woodpile and the back door  yet, but the snow that fell last week is gone already, and it feels like August in the green house. Michele is busy restocking the market, and we just ordered 75 dozen new golf balls for the Cow Pie Putt Putt course. Looks like I missed my chance to skate on the pond.

W e open for the season in 17 days.
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What would you like?
This season we're offering some value-added extras:
cheese from Georges Mill Farm, meat from Spring House Farm,

and wheatgrass from our own greenhouse.
   Some of us farmers have been drinking wheatgrass juice for a few weeks now, and we love it so much that we thought we'd make it available in the market, if any members are interested in starting their own wheatgrass regimen. You can learn about wheatgrass and follow the progress of our regimen on Barn Talk.
    If any of these items appeal to you, send us an email and let us know. Be advised that these additions are available only for pick-up at the farm. They cannot be delivered. 
Whose baby chicks?
The answer to that question could be: Yours! If you'd like to get better acquainted with  Gallus gallus domesticus,  a.k.a the chicken, why not bring some home for spring vacation? Our Peep Program allows you and your children to see how fast yellow balls of fluff turn into fully fledged squakers, and then, when they get rambunctious, you can send them back -- or put them to work laying eggs. Mini-flocks of four will be available for pick-up from March 28 through April 4, but supplies are limited, so order soon.
Visit us at Best of Loudoun Bazaar



 Nearly 70 winners of this year's "Best of Loudoun" readers' poll, sponsored by Leesburg Today, will participate in the first Best of Loudoun Bazaar on Saturday, March 21, at the Village at Leesburg.

   The free family-friendly event runs from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., with winning businesses and organizations exhibiting in two locations at the Village, 1603 Village Market Blvd.: Suite 100 and Suite 116. The event also will include entertainment, food samples, and opportunities for attendees to win prizes.



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Come run with the luck of the Irish in one of the most picturesque areas of Northern Virginia. The out and back course winds through the scenic country roads of beautiful Western Loudoun County. Offering both 5k and 10k distances, this race has something for everyone. Bring the whole family to enjoy food, refreshments and FUN, including a Leprechaun Chase for the kids. The race will benefit The Bluemont Community Center.
About Sustainable Agriculture
New Film Explores Loss of Seed Diversity
From  Modern Farmer

By Su Avasthi


   Few things are more essential to our survival than seeds, yet few things are taken more for granted.Filmmaker M. Sean Kaminsky's new documentary Open Sesame looks at the necessity for seed diversity and how monoculture-farming practices threaten it. In the past century, we've lost an astonishing 90 percent of the fruit and vegetable seeds once available. Instead, the world's food supply is built largely on hybrid seeds, and like mules, they are unable to naturally reproduce. As a result, there's no way for a species to evolve regional hardiness, or withstand pests, diseases and changing climate conditions.

Open Sesame - The Story of Seeds WATCH AT
Open Sesame - The Story of Seeds WATCH AT

   Open Sesame illuminates what is at stake when seeds are patented and controlled by large corporation, and the film features different approaches that enterprising farmers are using to preserve seeds and foster diversity.


Read more here.

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Upcoming Events
Bluemont Shamrock Run
March 21

Best of Loudoun Bazaar
March 21

Opening Day
March 28

Egg Hunt and Marshmallow Harvest
April 11 & 12

Winter Weather Beater

   " When I make Brussels sprouts at home, the best parts are the leaves that fall off during cooking and get super crispy in the oven. There is a restaurant nearby that serves brussels sprout chips. They peel off the leaves and then deep fry them. They are so delicious. 

   I decided I was going to see if I could get the same crispiness that the deep frying creates by just roasting the individual leaves."


Karen's Favorite Pie Crust
"Wanna make a great pie crust? It's all in the lard..."