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March 18, 2015: Peeps and Shamrocks
March 2015
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The First Crop of Spring

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Baby Chicks at Great Country Farms

This year we're distributing Membership Cards in the Farm Market from March 28 through April 4 so we can welcome members to the 2015 season in person. We'll mail out unclaimed cards at the end of that week.

Opening Day is March 28!
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How Did the Marshmallows Fare?
   This cold, wet winter has stunted some of the most productive marshmallow groves in the Mid-Atlantic region. The farmer in the video below, who grows marshmallows on 250 acres in North Carolina, may be forced to cut down all his marshmallow trees and sell their twigs as roasting sticks. 
Marshmallow Farming
Marshmallow Farming
   It's a sad time for a lot of farmers -- but not for us! "The marshmallow can be an unpredictable crop," Farmer Kate acknowledges, "but ours ripen like clockwork, in the second week of April every year." Chalk it up to clean living.
   In fact, our crop looks so hearty this year that we'll have to stretch the harvest over a couple of days, and we'll need a lot of help! So come out to the farm on and give us a hand picking these beautiful white tubers. Marshmallows are best eaten fresh with Easter Eggs, so we'll be hunting for those as well. Check the age-group hunt-and-harvest schedule on our website.

   April 11 and 12 from 9:00 to 5:00
Three Cheers for Chickens!
Our Peep Program was a big success! More then 300 of the little fellers will be going home with new parents next week.
If you ordered chicks, please be sure to let us know when you plan to pick them up, and please remember that you'll need to buy a bulb for your heat lamp, or the buggers will shiver right out of their feathers, and they don't look good that way.
Run For Caden
in this year's 951 5-K
April 11

   Run or walk this 5k race through the vineyards and orchards of Bluemont Vineyard. This challenging course takes you along gravel roads and paved roads and through scenic grass lands, and it ends with a half-mile time trial that gains 350 feet in elevation. At 951 feet, the finish line offers spectators and participants a great view of Loudoun Valley. This year Bluemont Vineyard and Bluemont Community Center are hosting together to benefit Caden Thorn, a local child who has been diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL). 
   To register for the 5k run/walk, go to . The cost is $45.00 per person -- no charge for people aged ten and under. There will be free wine tasting for all 5k runners (21 years and older). Get your cheering section up the hill before the race to support you, Bluemont Community Center, and most of all Caden!
Yelp on our CSA Program...

"Best CSA value around! In addition to your CSA box, you get free weekly u-pick options and free admission to all the farm festivals and events."  --Jessica D., Ashburn

"We absolutely love Great Country Farms! Last year was our first year subscribing to their CSA, and we loved it. Getting fresh fruits and vegetables of great variety delivered every week helped us discover new foods and recipes. Who knew kale chips were so good?"  --Robert B., Sterling

By the way... 
A group site on Glencourse Lane in Reston is looking for another member. Email to join.
New Additions
   We're still compiling a list of members who might be interested in adding meat, cheese or wheatgrass to their CSA pick-up shares. The  cheese comes from Georges Mill Farm , and the meat comes from Spring House Farm .

   We grow the wheatgrass right here in our green house, and some of us are becoming truly enamored of the stuff. For a glimpse of how wheatgrass might effect your exercise routine, take a look at the latest post on Barn Talk. If you'd like us to reserve a flat for you each week,  send us an email and let us know.
  Be advised that these additions are available  only for pick-up at the farm . They cannot be delivered
Farm Market Feature
Come on in...
Upcoming Events
Opening Day
March 28

Egg Hunt and Marshmallow Harvest
April 11 & 12

951 5k
April 11

Save that left-over cabbage!

    " Here's my healthy alternative to pulled-pork sliders. A common replacement in vegan circles is jackfruit, but I find it's pretty hard to come by, and cabbage is more my speed anyway. Keep in mind with dishes like pulled pork, or even hot wings, we're typically going gaga for the sauce more than anything, so as long as you use a barbecue sauce you love, and the texture is close enough, you're in business!"

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