Storm Newsletter for September 13, 2021
I would like to thank all our volunteers for the great help to set up the course and the finish line crew! A huge thank you to our timing crew Alan and Tom for timing all the races and keeping the meet running!
Coach Jeremey set up and marked the course for all the athletes and he, and Mike Whitman rabbited every race for a total of over 16 miles. With over 16 years experience Coach Jeremy knows how to put on a great meet for the over 800 athletes from as far away of San Diego! The athletes all did awesome against the top runners in the country!
We are so proud to be the Storm Family!! The best Volunteers, athletes, and Coaches anywhere!!
All results and be viewed on our website, just click on the cross country link from the top banner and select 2021 cross country! You can also view the top 10 all time Storm Runners and the top 50 all time Conference runners on each course! We will also have the Conference rankings up each week a few days after each meet. You can also view results on

Weekly Schedule :
Monday - 6:00 - 7:15 - West Creek Park, (last week here )
Tuesday - 6:00- 7:15 - College of the Canyons (last week here)
Thursday - 6:00 - 7:15 - Central Park
Saturdays- 7:00 - 11:00 - El Cariso Community Regional Park 13100 Hubbard St. Sylmar

Due to loosing the day light this will be the last week we will go to West Creek Park and COC. After this week all practices will be at Central Park for safety reasons!
Practice is usually done by 7:15, please make sure you are there for pick up by then! The coaches would like to leave also!
LOST AND FOUND I have collected a lot of warm up gear and back packs! Please make sure your athletes come home with their belongings!!

Warm ups - As the weather starts to change your athletes will need to have warm up gear for after practice !! You can still purchase Storm gear from the website or at Thursday practices.

Safety Concerns- Please continue to practice safety procedures, wash hands, keep appropriate distance, and If your child or anyone in your house hold is sick Stay home, Please be sure to inform us if your child or any member in your home test positive for Covid -19.
Meet at El Cariso Park

The first race will begin at 08:30 a.m. Races will start approximately every 15-25 minutes. This course is almost all on grass!
7:45 - Self Guided walk through
8:30 am GREMLIN GIRLS – 7/8 (Born in 2013 or 2014) 2K
8: 45 am GREMLIN BOYS – 7/8 (Born in 2013 or later) 2K
9:05 am BANTAM GIRLS - 9/10 (Born 2011 or 2012) 3K
9:25 am BANTAM BOYS – 9/10 (Born 2011 or 2012) 3K
9:45 am MIDGET GIRLS – 11/12 (Born 2009 or 2010) 3K
10:05 am MIDGET BOYS – 11/12 (Born 2009 or 2010) 3K
10:25 am YOUTH GIRLS – 13/14 & 15-18 (Born 2003 - 2008) 4K (2 AGE GROUPS)
10:45 YOUTH BOYS – 13/14 & 1518 (Born 2003 to 2008) 4K (2 AGE GROUPS)
Volunteers needed

Tent set up -bring tents and set up 7:00 am -2 people
Tag table 7:00 - help hand out athletes tags - 2 people at all times
Course Monitor - 4 people at various places on the course
Clean up - 4 people, break down the course and load trucks

We are in need of "Turtles" to follow all races. As you saw there are a lot of new slower runners that need help near the end of each race and next week we will run most age groups in separate girls and boys races. We also need rabbits to lead the races with either running or bikes
Saturday's Race Information / Results
We will be at the park at the far end, go into the 2nd drive way parking lot and follow to the end.
Spirit Store
Our online store, is up on the website but does not have all items on it yet, but you can purchase and pick up at practice on Thursday!