Storm Newsletter for September 7, 2021
Thank you - Thank you all for all the help and encouragement for our first race. The kids did great and you were all able to see how much fun the races are, and the way the meets are conducted. This Saturday will be a little different as we will run separate races for the girls and boys in all races except the Youth 4K. the girls and boys will run at the same time. This is our first official League race. There are no awards at the meet but each athletes will receive a ribbon next week with their place and time.

Newsletter - You were all automatically added to the newsletter but if you want another family member to also get the email please have them go on the website and click the join our Newsletter list link. Be sure to choose the cross country list. Please read every week as there is a lot of info you need to know!!

Merchandise - Many items are still available! please order asap. I know you do not feel it yet, but the evenings and meet days will be much cooler.

This week we start our League races! There will be a lot more teams and kids at the meet!
Parents can bring chairs/ blankets /tarps to sit on. We need to all sit together in our team area! The trails are not closed to the public so we need to be respectful and just run around any hikers on the trails,

Weekly Schedule :
Monday - 6:00 - 7:15 West Creek Park,
Tuesday - 6:00- 7:15 College of the Canyons
Thursday - 6:00 - 7:15 Central Park
Saturdays- 7:00 am O'Melveny Park Granada Hills

Safety Concerns- Please continue to practice safety procedures, wash hands, keep appropriate distance, and If your child or anyone in your house hold is sick Stay home, Please be sure to inform us if your child or any member in your home test positive for Covid -19.
Meet at O'Melveny
Our first League meet is Saturday. Parking is very bad, so we encourage you to get there early. The parking lot will fill up quickly, but you can park in the surrounding neighborhood. It is very important that you park in a legal space and do not block driveways. Neighbors have had cars towed and we want to respect their homes and driveways There is about a quarter mile walk to get up to the race so please give yourself plenty of time to get there. The Pacers are the host of this meet and they will have a small concession stand with snacks and food!!
The walk thru will start at 7:55 (optional) and the first (Gremlin Girls) race will be at 8:30. There will be separate girls and boys race by age group for all age groups except Youth and Intermediate boys and girls will race together for the 4 K. [  Click here for a map  

The address is: 17300 Sesnon Boulevard, Granada Hills, CA 91344
Volunteers needed
We will need 6 Volunteers at the finish line! This week at the meet, please let Elaine Know if you can help. Each family is asked to work at at least one meet!

Tent set up -bring tents and set up 7:00 am -2 people
Tag table 7:00 - help hand out athletes tags - 2 people
Finish Line - Finish of each meet 6 people
Races - Rabbits to lead the races( bike ok) Turtles parents to follow the last runners in each race ( parents will not be allowed to run on the course during the races with their children)
Clean up - 2 people, help clean up and load tents

Thanks to the Calderon Family for bringing our tents to the meet last week. They will be out of town after this meet so I need help getting them to the meet at Central Park on September 18th. If you can help please let me know asap!!

We are in need of "Turtles" to follow all races. As you saw there are a lot of new slower runners that need help near the end of each race and next week we will run all except the youth age group in separate girls and boys races. We also need rabbits to lead the races with either running or bikes
Saturday's Race Information
Race day Schedule - you should be at O'Melveny at least 1 hour before your race time to pick up your tag and warm up, there will be a walk though before this race. Course maps will be on our website on the cross country page. All athletes should meet their warm up coach at our tent 30 minutes prier to their race. Please make sure your athlete wears their uniform!
All times are approximate and if the races go faster may start earlier than posted!
7:00 -set up
7:45 -Coaches meeting at the start line
7:55 Course walk though ( all ages) - optional
8:30 -Sub Gremlin 5/6 and Gremlin 7/8 Girls
8:45 -Sub Gremlin 5/6 and Gremlin 7/8 Boys
9:00 -Bantam 8/9 Girls
9:25-Bantam 8/9 Boys
9:50 – Midget 11/12 Girls
10:15 Midget 11/12 Boys
10:40 Youth 13/14 and 15-18 Girls and Boys

Uniforms and Spirit Store
Our online store, is up on the website but does not have all items on it yet, but you can purchase and pick up at practice on Thursday!
 If you have nit picked up your uniform please let Coach Elaine Know asap