Cross Country Newsletter
October 18, 2021

It is hard to believe this is our last two weeks of regular practice. There are a lot of fun things coming up and I hope you all can make it. There are 2 more races for the season!

Saturday is our VYC Championship race at Central Park. We will be scoring the teams and awarding the top 3 teams after each race. Please plan to stay a little longer. All athletes will also receive a medal and the top 3 athletes will get a trophy. The top 8 individuals and top 3 teams will be called up to the awards podium. Event T-shirts will also be available for sell.

We are the host for this meet and we will again need help to set up the course at 7:00 am and to clean up after the meet.

We will also be running the snack bar, and will need a lot of help and ask that each family bring items to sell Please see below for the item we ask you to bring. This is our only fundraiser and we use it to help with our awards banquet coming on November 10th. We also need 3-6 parents to help sell the items during the meet.

Parent Meeting - Tuesday at 5:45 to plan our meet

Special Photo Shoot - Our team photographer Anthony Caldron is offering a special Storm photo shoot on this Thursday before practice. this is optional but I an sure you have all seen his pictures on our website! He does a great job and is offering a great price for anyone who would like to take advantage of this offer! Please see the flyer for info. [DOWNLOAD FLYER]

STORM FACEBOOK "Just a reminder for everyone to LIKE our Facebook Storm Cross Country page at - SO MANY PICTURES for you all to see and enjoy!!!"
Lost and Found - Last day to pick any item is Thursday I have a lot of Items PLEASE LOOK AT PRACTICE
Practice Schedule
Monday – October 18, @ 6:00 -7:15 pm  – Central Park

Tuesday – October 19, @ 6:00 -7:15 pm  Central Park
5:45 - Home Meet info meeting
Thursday – October 21, @ 6:00 pm- 7:15   – Central Park -
4:30 -pm- 6:00 - Special photo shoot

Saturday @ 8:00 am - League championship @ Central Park

Post Season Info
If you are interested in the Post-Season Please Let Coach Elaine know. All athletes in the top 16-20 rankings may be invited and should consider competed for the Valley United Striders!. There is team fee and uniform expense. Also athletes need to get a AAU membership card I will be sending out more info on Sunday next week. Post Season practice will start next Monday Nov. 1st h at Central Park.
Please attend the meeting at 5:45 . Our website is and will be open for registration next week.
Volunteers needed This Week
Parent Meeting Tuesday @ 5:45
Set up crew 7:00 am - 6 people
Truck to help bring back items to storage after the meet - 1
Finish line help - 4
Snack Bar- Mrs. Archi will co-ordinate and help sell items
Please choose a 1 hour time from 7:30 - 11:30
Ice Chest with ice - 2 people
Meet at Central Park
This weeks we will be hosting our Championship meet at Central Park. We will be giving top 8 awards and top 3 team awards. It is a fun meet and all finishers will receive a nice medal. The top 8 athletes and top 3 teams will be brought up to the podium for awards and we hope all parents can cheer them on!!
Coach Jeremy will need to be out of town this weekend, so we will need help setting up the course Please let him know by tomorrow if you can do this and he will show you what to do!!
Home Meet Parent Meeting
We will have a quick parent meeting Tuesday at 5:45 to go over our duties and take sign ups to help. We will also talk more about post-season!

If you are unable to come please let me know if you can help!
Snack Bar Items needed
This week's meet at Central Park is our turn to host the meet, and snack bar. Please donate the following items to sell. We need all items brought to the park by 7:30 am if possible. We also need parents to run it. Please let Elaine know if you can help. Here is a list by age group of items we ask you to donate. Please bring items to the meet early!! remember we have a lot of athletes so portions do not have to be more than 6-12 of each item. Also if you have athletes in more than one age group just pick one item to bring.
Sub and Gremlins - Donuts, muffins etc.. Fresh donuts sell the best!

Bantams - Drinks - water, soda, (coke , Dr Pepper etc.) sell the best, also juice and Gatorade.

Midgets - snack items like candy, chips , cookies, brownies, must be in individual packages to sell, the kids love the sour patch type candy.

Youth - fruit, nuts healthy bars,

We also need parents to help set up the meet. Please arrive early!