Cross Platform Sharing
This week we’d like to spend some time highlighting a favorite brand from Lambda! There are a lot of brands and products out there, so having an integrator (like Lambda) to work with you means that we’ve tested new brands and products to see how they work with other equipment before offering them to you. So, reviewing some of our brands is a great way to get to know the product we love and why we offer these items in our systems.

Have you heard about KLIK? KLIK products offer some great ways to make meeting easier, not only within an office but via remote location. Most computers, Mac or PC, have a way to share wirelessly to screens, but it can be complicated to actually make it happen. While Macs connect to Apple TV boxes, PCs work with other streaming boxes and both can be hard to set up in business network environments. This is where KLIK comes in. KLIK provides a number of cross-platform solutions to make this easier and affordable. 

The Klik Stick is an inexpensive USB powered device that can be added to any TV or projector to provide an easy solution for cross-platform sharing. No software required for Mac, PC, Android, or IOS connections. When you walk into the room instructions are provided for how to connect right on the screen! It’s that easy!

The Klick Hub provides even more ability, with features such as allowing four connections at one time, creating a split-screen of all four devices, and control with a touch of the screen. The Klick Hub also includes the ability to stream the meeting online which has become very important in today’s spread workspace across office and home.

The Klik Knkt is a small USB powered device that allows screen sharing for devices without the built-in function of screen sharing. It can also be used an easy hardware solution is desired over a software solution. It can even be used with cameras to include a video feed on a Klik Hub for wireless meeting streaming.

In short, Klik is the easy, user-friendly solution for streaming meetings, classrooms, or other events without the headache or frustration of sharing content. Ask us about a Klik Demo for your meeting space; we are so confident in Klik, we’re sure you won’t let us have the device back!
Want a Klik Demo? We have a Klik Boks in our shop so we can get you a demo tomorrow! Just give us a call at
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