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April, 2014
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This is Discipleship



Great News - Free Help!


Free Mission Summit coming to Gonzales, LA!


Pastor Jonathan Kern and the people of St. James invite you to join them Saturday morning, May 17, from 9am till 1pm to learn from Greg Finke, author of "Joining Jesus On His Mission", how to connect with the people in your neighborhoods and communities.


We all know the world around us has changed.  Many of our congregations are in decline and we often don't know what to do to connect with people and reach them with the Gospel.  At the Mission Summit you will learn PRACTICAL, SIMPLE, and DOABLE ideas that you can begin to use immediately to connect with the people all around your church and neighborhoods who are ready to come to faith, baptism and discipleship in and through your congregation.


This is NOT church growth stuff.  This is simple and doable discipleship stuff that any congregation can easily do.


This is NOT a new program to add to your already crowded calendar.  This is practical and doable stuff of simply looking for and responding to what Jesus is already doing in your daily life. 


This IS Practical, Simple, and Doable connecting and outreach to your neighborhood and community.


If you want your congregation to reach people in your area...


If you want to join Jesus on his mission...


If you want to see your congregation, leaders and lay people energized for biblical outreach...


Register for the May 17 Mission Summit by emailing Mission and Ministry Facilitator, Eric Johnson,

or call: 985-796-7175.


Registration is Free!

Mission Summit is Free!


The Southern District wants to facilitate you in reaching out to your community and seeing people come to faith, baptism and discipleship in and through your congregation.  To that end, the Southern Dist. is investing in you by providing the financial resources for the Mission Summits.  We want to make these opportunities available to you for free, so that there is nothing stopping you from coming and discovering for yourself how Practical, Simple, and Doable joining Jesus on his mission really is.




Bill Easum coming to Slidell

Only Four Things Grow Churches Workshop 

Coming to Bethany LC, Slidell, LA!

If you've ever felt frustrated, discouraged, or ready to quit when trying to reach out and connect with people in your community, you're not alone. Over 85 percent of US churches are in decline or have hit an attendance plateau. 

In an effort to help, you are invited to join Bill Easum live at the Only Four Things Grow Churches workshop on May 31st at Bethany Lutheran Church
(in Slidell, LA) from 9am 'til 4pm.
According to Bill Easum, there are four core processes that grow churches.

Those 4 processes you will learn are:

  1. Effectively inviting people to Christ and to the Church ... and getting them to show up.
  2. Connecting with people well enough so they return again and again.
  3. Discipling people well enough that they experience personal life change.
  4. Sending disciples back to their neighborhoods to be community missionaries.  

This workshop is being presented by Bill Easum of 21st Century Strategies. 

You can register by clicking the link below:       

 (Where it says "choose your location", second from the bottom of the list is "New Orleans" click on that and register)


For over two decades 21st Century Strategies has been helping church leaders break through the barriers that keep churches from reaching their communities and bringing people to faith, baptism and discipleship.

When churches effectively attend to these four core processes they begin a process of sustainable growth.

At this seminar you'll learn how to implement each one of the core concepts in your context; whether your church size is petite, small, medium, or large, and whether your worship style is traditional, blended, or more contemporary.  

You'll also learn the three core changes every leader must make as they lead their church in reaching out and making new disciples.

The workshop has been designed to be suitable for all church leaders including the pastor, staff, and laity.

The cost of the workshop is $75 per person. Churches that bring a team of three or more pay $65 per person. In addition, everyone attending the workshop will receive a

$50 Gift Card to the 21st Century Strategies ecommerce store.


A limited number of Scholarships are available through the Southern Dist. If you would like to attend and need a scholarship, email or call Eric Johnson or 985-796-7175

You can register by clicking the line below:

(Where it says "choose your location", second from the bottom of the list is "New Orleans" click on that and register)








I'm Eric Johnson, your Mission and Ministry Facilitator.
My job is to support you and your congregation in your mission & ministry within the walls of your church building and especially outside your walls in the community where people who don't yet know Jesus live and work.


Areas where I can be helpful include, but are not limited to, Small Groups, VBS, Sunday School, Confirmation, Building Bridges to the community around your church, Outreach/Evangelism, Youth, and Stewardship.  


Let me know what you need, I can help.


My specialty is helping congregations grow by build bridges in their communities to reach people who don't yet know Jesus.  


When you find that you and your congregation can use some suggestions with ideas and resources, I'm here to help.  


You can reach me @     

or by calling my direct line @ 985-796-7175


Your Servant In Christ's Mission,


Eric Johnson