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April, 2014
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Joining Jesus on His Mission


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This is Discipleship
This is Discipleship

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Go To Wiki 2014!      Wiki Conference 

If you would like to go to Wiki 2014, Sept. 23-25, we have free tickets, rooms, grants and scholarships available to help get you there and back.

What is Wiki?  

Wiki is an LCMS conference hosted by Crosspoints Lutheran Church, Katy, TX (a suburb of Houston). Wiki is a place where you can join LCMS Lutherans, and others, who are learning how to be on mission together.  Check it out at:

If you would like to go, contact Eric Johnson, Southern District Mission and Ministry Facilitator,
@ 985-796-7175
or email @

Priority in grants and scholarships will be given first to pastors who will bring lay leaders with them, then to everyone else.

Wiki is a great way to connect with other LCMS pastors and leaders who are walking together attempting to figure out how to reach out to the community outside the walls of our church buildings.  

You should seriously consider going!
I'm Eric Johnson, your Mission and Ministry Facilitator.
My job is to support you and your congregation in your mission & ministry within the walls of your church building and especially outside your walls in the community where people who don't yet know Jesus live and work.


Areas where I can be helpful include, but are not limited to, Small Groups, VBS, Sunday School, Confirmation, Building Bridges to the community around your church, Outreach/Evangelism, Youth, and Stewardship.  


Let me know what you need, I can help.


My specialty is helping congregations grow by build bridges in their communities to reach people who don't yet know Jesus.  


When you find that you and your congregation can use some suggestions with ideas and resources, I'm here to help.  


You can reach me @     

or by calling my direct line @ 985-796-7175


Your Servant In Christ's Mission,


Eric Johnson