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Here is a video of the "Fresno Four" red wolves in their new enclosure at Wolf Haven.

Hopa _ Brother are the parents of the pack
F1222 and M1067 are parents of a family of 11 Mexican wolves from Wolf Haven that were released in Mexico in 2016.
World of Wolves
January 5, 2017
Mexican wolf recovery program sees success in cross-fostering
Exciting news in the Mexican wolf population! The Interagency Field Team (IFT) has confirmed that a pup who was cross-fostered in 2014 survived and later went on to reproduce.  This was the first cross-fostering event in the history of the Mexican wolf program and its success is considered a huge milestone for the Mexican wolf recovery program.   
Wolf Haven has participated in the Mexican wolf recovery program since 1995.  Since then, eight litters of Mexican wolves have been born at Wolf Haven, and three packs  released into the wild. Visit the Mexican Gray Wolf page on Wolf Haven's website to learn more about their participation in this program.
Family of red wolves arrives at Wolf Haven

One of red wolves transferred to Wolf Haven
One of red wolves transferred to Wolf Haven 
On December 15, Wolf Haven received four female red wolves from the Fresno Chaffee Zoo in California. The transfer was based on a recommendation made at the 2016 annual Species Survival Plan (SSP) meeting. The mother and her three female offspring were part of a larger family group that included the breeding male and three male offspring. 

The recommendation to separate the group was based on space limitations at Fresno, as well as the decision not to breed the pair again (some of the difficult challenges of trying to conserve a critically endangered species in captivity). The females are settling into their new home here at Wolf Haven and because one of their enclosures is on the public visitor route, visitors may have an opportunity to see these stunning animals.

Sample pavers
Sample brick and granite pavers

Paver from Wolf Haven

Tribute pavers are available through Wolf Haven's website. These brick or granite pavers come in  two sizes and may contain graphics and text. Choose to have your paver placed on the path in Wolf Haven's wolf memorial grounds or have it shipped to you for placement at your home.  Prices  vary depending on your selection. 
Vehicle Donation Program
 can benefit wolves 

Donating a vehicle is not only a good deed, but is also a chance to qualify for a tax deduction.  The program isn't just limited to cars either - motorcycles, RVs and even boats can also be donated!  Simply call  855-500-RIDE or 855-500-7433 or complete the  Online Donation Form  on the Wolf Haven International Vehicle Donation Program page.