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Issue: #1Oct - 2011
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On October 10, Crossfit 908 will be hosting a 6-week Nutrition Challenge. The goal of the challenge is to introduce the Paleo or Primal style of eating.  In short, the nutrition plan is one built on whole foods and void of things like processed carbs, added sugars, grains, dairy and legumes. There is no weighing, no measuring of food.  All you have to do is pick good food choices.  Sound like something you can do for 6-weeks?  Then continue reading and prepare yourself to get in the best shape of your life.
CrossFit 908 Nutrition Challenge
The 7-Week Progressive Challenge
Nobody likes cold turkey, unless it is on some toast with salt and mayo.  Unfortunately this challenge excludes toast and mayo, but it does include turkey and all other meats as well as fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds and some starches.  So, in the spirit of easing into a nutrition plan that we hope will become more of a lifestyle choice and less of a crash diet, we are setting up a progression that seeks to eliminate one unhealthy type of food each week for the first 4-weeks, and then continues for an additional three weeks.  Here is how it will look.
  • Week 1 - No grains or legumes - This includes, but is not limited to, cereal, pasta, bread, corn, quinoa, oats, beans, peanuts.  Also we will be avoiding white potatoes and rice for the challenge.
  • Week 2 - No grains, legumes or added sugar.  Here is where things get interesting.  Sugar is added to so many products, it is ridiculous.  Your job is to seek out where the sugar is hiding in your diet, and get rid of it!  No soda, diet or regular.  Coffee sans sweetener of ANY kind.  Yes, that includes raw honey and the magical agave nectar.  Check your salad dressings.  Chances are they contain both gluten and sugar.  Use olive oil, white balsamic vinegar and a little lemon.  Read your labels, you will be shocked.
  • Week 3 - No grains, legumes, added sugar or dairy. Okay, now I've started to piss you off.  First, I cut out your english muffin toasted with peanut butter, then I stole your hazelnut coffee mate creamer, and now I'm telling you to quit eating your yogurt.  I'm the worst, but I'm trying to help you lose the weight you want to lose. But, what about greek yogurt?  Isn't that the best food I could possible eat?  No, it's not that great, especially in the fat free versions. If you could find full-fat, raw, unpasteurized, grass-fed, greek yogurt, and were happy with your current level of health, and didn't have any dairy digestion issues, then yes, have at it.  If you are looking to lose weight, lose the dairy.  One exception.  You are allowed to use 1tbsp of heavy cream for your coffee.  Not Half & Half, but heavy cream.  Buy organic.  
  • Week 4 - 7 - No grains, legumes, added sugar, dairy and limit your alcohol consumption - Alcohol is limited to 2 drinks max in a night, for a total of 3 nights in a week.  That is 6 total drinks over the course of a week.  You are allowed wine, choose dry red or white, and any gluten free alcohol.  Stay away from beer, even if it is gluten free.  At the end of this challenge you will have been grain-free for 7-weeks, sugar-free for 6-weeks, dairy-free for 5-weeks, and have cut down your alcohol for 4-weeks.  I think we're going to see some great results.  

Scoring -

  • Every DAY you eat clean and within the guidelines of the nutrition challenge, you get a +1, which must be posted to the comments section of the blog EVERY DAY.  You are not allowed to go more than 3-days without posting, or you are eliminated.  
  • Every MEAL you eat NOT within the guidelines of the challenge is -1.  You are allowed a maximum of 12 cheat meals over the 44-day challenge.  There is not cap on how many cheat meals you can have in a day.  i.e. if you eat pizza 5 times in one day, you receive =5 for that day.  You only have 7 cheats left.  You must eat completely clean all day to receive a +1.  Again, you must post your points to the blog EVERY DAY. You are not allowed to go more than 3-days without posting, or you are eliminated.  
  • You must weigh in before 10/10/11.  No shoes and no gimmicks. You will be eliminated if you try to weigh in at night after stuffing face and then weigh in at the end of the challenge at 6am after a 24-hour fast.  We can all do the DJ Tanner and eat nothing and run on a treadmill until we pass out.  Don't be that person. 
  • Before / After Pics - HIGHLY recommended.  You may not like the idea of you shirtless or in a sports bra, but I'm telling you the progress you make will make it all worth it.  If you don't want to take one at the gym, please take one at home.  We're all about keeping track!  If you refuse, at least get a picture of you with all your clothes on.  Comparison pictures are fun and motivating.  
  • The winner will be decided by greatest % of weight lost.  There will be one winner who will receive some equipment to start building a home gym!
Whole 30 Success Story - Jessica O.

Jessica's Whole 30 Story
My horrible health nightmare begins in January 2010 when I awoke in the middle of the night feeling very sick, and then passed out and hit my head on my hardwood floor.  I was hospitalized, and over the course of about 8 months, I had a head CT scan, multiple brain, neck and back MRIs, three EEGs, a spinal tap, an EMG (where they stick needles in your muscles and make you flex to check to make sure your nerves are working, it's how I envision prison camp torture), a cardiac stress test, probably 30 rounds of blood work and a lot of physical, mental and emotional suffering...


We look forward to hosting our most successful nutrition challenge to date.  For any questions or comments, please email

Timothy Carroll
CrossFit 908
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