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December 2010
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Announcing the Roots Holiday Party, the Winter In-House Olympic Weightlifting meet, Open Shop hours, Lift Heavy Shit Night, and new apparel. But first...

Here come the holidays. It's time to draw the line in the sand. Reject the common path of a downward spiral in fitness and health from Thanksgiving through the new year.

If you don't, you will find yourself 5 weeks from now, on January 1st, depressed about the humongous hurdle that stands between you and your healthy being and lamenting over the fact that 5 weeks ago you were SO on your "A game". We've all been there. Take a moment and close your eyes and think about how that day feels? The day when you realize that the holidays are over and they swiped everything that is sacred to you in the realm of health, fitness, and longevity. Get mad, get invigorated, get stubborn, or just get pissed.

Commit to getting in the shop 3 days a week, 5 days a week, whatever you've got. Help your spouse, your boyfriend, your Roots friend get in there as well. Make a plan. Revel in the fact that you know how to eat and cook healthy, clean food. Be thankful that you can share this lifelong skill with your family - and do so.

Stay in the saddle and don't let the holidays f*!% you.

Nicole & Eric
Winter Upcoming Events - Mark Your Calendars!

Wednesday, December 15th - Open Shop, 1:30-3:30pm
Come to the second Open Shop session at Roots. Work on a skill, practice a movement, get in a WOD you missed. This is not a permanent time and Open Shop will be offered on an occasional basis at varying times. Open Shop is available to members only.

December 18th - Roots Holiday Party, 6-9pm
You're invited to the Roots Holiday Party! It's time to take your favorite holiday sweater to the dry cleaners and get ready to spread some holiday cheer. This party will be catered with Nick n' Willy's delicious chicken.

January 7th - Lift Heavy Shit Night, 6-8pm
Bust out your sweatbands and Chuck Taylors - it's time to go heavy. We'll provide the coaches, the heavy metal, and we'll screen videos of heavy lifting up on the wall with a projector. What will be the lift? SQUATS. How many? You'll just have to show up to find out. It's the perfect start to a Friday night date night!
Zac and Ryan go heavy during the coaches' workout.
Come get your lift on.
The Roots In-House Olympic Weightlifting Meet - Saturday, February 5th at 12:00pm
We will host an in-house Olympic Weightlifting competition. Come join the coaches at Roots for a USAW-style competition complete with judged lifts. The number one goal for this mini-meet - have fun. Second goal - rip the head off the lion. Ryan will take the next two months in the Oly classes to prepare everyone for this meet. Now get to Oly.
Ryan will get you ready for the Oly competition. Get to Oly.

Roots Goes Heavy

Seven athletes traveled to Broomfield to compete in MBS CrossFit's Turkey Challenge (the cure for the common Turkey Trot). We are so proud to have had them represent Roots!

Sugar, Emily, Dizon, Molly, Sarah, Jordan, and Chad stepped up to the challenge.

Sugar left the day with a new PR in the deadlift after getting over the mental stigma of "oh shit this is more than I have lifted before." Emily PR'ed her 5K by A LOT! Dizon gave all of the events a run for their money and Molly PR'ed her press (which is a BIG deal). Sarah and Jordan entered the fun and competitive environment of CrossFit competitions and scored. Sarah pulled a PR in her deadlift and Jordan put together an impressive total. Chad, battling an injury, competed in the WODs he was able and did well on one foot!

Thanks for representing Roots! You guys did a GREAT job.

New T-shirts and Water Bottles on the Way, Sweatshirts This Month

The new t-shirts came in last week and were a huge hit! So much of a hit that we sold out. Don't fear, we've got more on the way and a few new color schemes. We've reordered the men's and women's charcoal black t-shirts and have added a men's gray w/ navy blue logo and a women's evergreen with yellow logo. They will be available next week on the Roots Gear site!

In addition, we are excited to offer Roots cycling water bottles! Arriving soon!

Sweatshirts are in the works and will be available for pre-order in the next two weeks.
The next edition of the Roots t-shirts.

Keeping the Community

At Roots we pride ourselves in coaching and small class sizes. We define small class sizes as 12 people or less and, as we have communicated all along, we are committed to staying true to this at Roots.

Last month we introduced a new sign-up and cancellation policy and it's working great!

We wanted our scheduling to be flexible enough to allow life, fun, and "oh shits" to happen but rigid enough so that athletes keep in mind the rest of the community. We want our scheduling system to continue to help enhance our ability to ensure small class sizes.

The new policy is detailed below.

Class Sign-up:
The class sign-up window will now be SEVEN days for both limited and unlimited memberships. This means that athletes can book classes up to seven days out from the current date.

Late Cancellation Window:
The late cancellation window is now 12 hours for all classes.

Late Cancellation and No-Show Fee Policy:
Effective November 2nd, repeat offenders of late cancellations and no-shows will be charged a $10 fee for each offense. Every athlete is given 2 free late cancellations or no shows each month. The two free late cancels can be used for any reason - such as a last minute issue at work that causes you to stay late or if you wake up feeling sick. If an athlete late cancels or no shows more than twice, the athlete's account will be charged at the end of the month. Please note, athletes on a limited membership will be given their punch back as the "2 free late cancellations" or the fee will cover the offense.

So that's it! No more wall of shame, rants, or public exposure of late cancels.

9AMs and Holiday Schedule

We have added 9:00am to the schedule Monday through Thursday of each week.

For the holidays, Roots will be closed from December 23rd through December 27th. Roots will close at 1:30 on December 31st and will be closed New Year's Day.
Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday

We will offer a January Foundations Course beginning January 11th.

The course will meet on Tuesday and Thursdays at 4pm and Fridays at 5pm for four weeks.

Sign-up will become available Monday, December 1st on our website under Upcoming Events.
Break it down for me.
CrossFit is a back-to-basics, no gimmicks, strength and conditioning fitness program. Constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity are the foundation of our program.

Ah, what?

We know, it can sound complicated. To find out more, go here.

Better yet, email us to set up a time to stop in, learn about CrossFit, and try it out.
Refer a friend, workout for free!
For our existing members, the offer still stands. Have a friend that you think might like to join our group? Refer a friend and get a month of training at CrossFit Roots for free.
Whoa, you read all the way to the bottom of this email?! Cool!

Thanks for reading.
eric and nicole
Issue: 19 December/2010