Once again we are astounded by your generosity this Christmas Season. For the sixth year in a row, your kindness of heart has provided gifts for our patients and their families. This year, 64 sponsors provided gifts for 56 families, including 124 children, and helped 16 of our adult patients most in need.

Here are just a few examples of the people who's Christmas will be brighter this year thanks to you:

  • A family of eight who's father recently lost his job. All of the children will have presents under the tree this year.

  • A single patient in his 30's who relies on his used bicycle for transportation. In the past year, he has had three bikes stolen. He will now have a brand new bike with a state of the art lock.

  • A single mother of two who recently left an abusive situation. There will be presents for the kids under the tree and all the housewares she needs to stock her kitchen.

We would also like to thank the Richmond Christmas Mother who financially supports this program each year.

Thank you to everyone who participated this year!