| October 7, 2021
Calling All Intercessors - Prayers Needed
Intercession for one of our own,
that has hit close to the CrossWalk family.

Kiwanya Tende, CrossWalk's Volunteer Programs and Services Coordinator, needs your prayers.

Her son, Brandon Bratton, 33, husband, father of four was in a severe accident in the early morning hours of Tuesday, October 6th.

It is believed that he may have fallen asleep, when he rear-ended an 18-wheeler at approximately 65 miles an hour. I-10 east was shut down, the jaws of life were called in, and Life-Flight arrived to transport him to the nearest hospital which was in Beaumont.

He immediately had surgery for vital organs due to broken ribs, busted pelvis and legs. He is in an induced coma. Another surgery is taking place this a.m., of which we do not know the details.

-Please pray for peace that passes all understanding over Kiwanya, Brandon's wife, and the family.
-Please pray the blood of Jesus over Brandon's life and those of his family.
-Please pray for a miraculous touch and healing from Father God, his Son, and the Holy Spirit over Brandon's body.
-Please pray for the surgeons, doctors and nurses that are attending to Brandon's needs, that they have wisdom and discernment to know what it best for him.
-Please pray for God's purposes for Brandon's life in all of this physical trauma and the journey that he and his family have before them.


Kathy and the Staff family of CrossWalk.