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This month is all about your smile–whether you or your child has a crossbite, an underbite or wisdom teeth that need to be looked at, our recent posts have a wealth of information. Be sure to check those out below. In addition, read a follow up story to one of our patients, Lia, and check out the update to her story and see her brand new smile! As we head into winter, it can be easy to put off that next recare visit. But it's important to schedule those regular recare visits to keep your mouth healthy all year long.
And as we make our way closer to the holiday season, we encourage you to schedule your family's recare visits soon so you can get on our calendar before the New Year. Call our office at the number below or follow this link to schedule online.

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Update on Lia!
Lia came to us as a 16 year old with a congenitally missing tooth (she never developed one of her lateral incisors). At that time, Dr. Elizabeth used a resin composite bonding material to create a beautiful smile until she was ready for an implant. Well, that day has come and we share the results in this month's patient highlight!

Crossbites: Everything You Need to Know to Regain a Healthy Smile

Crossbites are fairly common, affecting upwards of 16% of the population. This blog explores this form of malocclusion– how to identify it, how to treat it and why treatment is important.

Underbites: Why You Should Treat it and Common Treatments

Misaligned teeth can negatively impact a person in several ways. From low self-esteem to problems with teeth and gums and systemic issues, pursuing treatment to realign teeth has many benefits.

Do You Think Your Wisdom Teeth Should Be Removed? Watch for These Common Signs

If you need your wisdom teeth removed, it’s critical to do so promptly so they don’t cause major damage to your bite…or your overall health.

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