March 2021
Crossroads Gazette
Revolutionary New Jersey Women’s Stories Reveal Impact of War
When revolution came to their communities in the 1770s, the lives of New Jersey women changed forever. Their normally peaceful homesteads were rocked by the impact of war. Their brothers, husbands, fathers and sons chose sides and went to battle, leaving women to protect family and home. Patriot, British and Hessian troops trod their property, some looting and occupying homesteads and barns.

Tragedy could come even when the men of the family pledged neutrality. This month’s anniversary of the 1778 Hancock’s Bridge massacre offers one example. Foraging to supply troops in Philadelphia, British forces invaded Salem County, guided by local Loyalists. Revolutionary Neighbor Sarah Hancock Sinnockson’s profile relates how the tragic consequences of war could affect Quaker pacifists who had not taken a side. Enraged by the attack on her father, she confronted the British soldiers until they threatened to hang her. 
For Women's History Month, visit our website to get better acquainted with Revolutionary Neighbors whose stories are lesser-known but important parts of the wartime experience in New Jersey. You might even find one who lived in your community! 

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Meet Revolutionary Neighbor George Morgan

The life story of Crossroads’ newest Revolutionary Neighbor, George Morgan, reflects the complex and often-contentious relations between Native American communities and European settlers during the 18th century.

While some military officials sought to take valuable land from natives, Morgan advocated treating Indian nations fairly. Eventually settling in Princeton, Morgan hosted Delaware nation visitors on his farmland, including three young men who stayed several years during their studies.

Read more of his story in our online Revolutionary Neighbors library.
Save the Date: April 8 Crossroads Annual Meeting and Revolution NJ Update
Mark your calendar for the combined Crossroads of the American Revolution Annual meeting and Revolution NJ update session. The virtual session will be held on April 8 from 1:00 p.m. to 2:30 p.m.

Watch your email and Crossroads Facebook page for a follow-up announcement with more details, including guest speaker and login information.
Visitor Readiness Assessment recognized with Historic Preservation Award
The Visitor Readiness Assessment of 150 New Jersey Revolutionary heritage sites was recognized with a NJ Historic Preservation Achievement Award in late February. Among the first steps taken by Crossroads as the private-sector partner in Revolution NJ, the assessment identified needs and associated costs to prepare the targeted historic sites for increased visitation during the 250th anniversary of the United State.

Sponsored by the NJ Historic Preservation Office, the awards recognize exemplary and innovative projects that contribute significantly to advancing the field of historic preservation and promote livable communities in the state.

Recognized along with Crossroads were project consultants Clarke Caton Hintz Architects, Hunter Research and Hargrove International, as well as the New Jersey Historical Commission (NJHC). Revolution NJ funding for the public/private partnership between Crossroads and NJHC is allocated by the State Legislature.
Crossroads Remembers Former Trustee David Siegfried
Crossroads of the American Revolution Association trustees and staff were saddened to learn of the passing of former trustee and board officer David Siegfried in early February. He served as both vice president and treasurer of the Association during his tenure on the board, in addition to leadership positions in the Millburn-Short Hills Historical Society and Millburn Township Historic Preservation Commission. He's warmly remembered for his wit, kindness and commitment to preserving and promoting New Jersey's Revolutionary heritage.

Our deepest condolences to his family and friends. More information. 
Crossroads Thanks Renewed Heritage Partners

Crossroads gets its strength from more than 200 historic sites, historical societies and heritage organizations that help tell the story of the American Revolution in New Jersey. From long-established museums to interest groups working to preserve local history, Crossroads helps members enhance their visibility and build community engagement as they help visitors discover Revolutionary New Jersey. We're eager to help get the word out on public programs as member sites and groups work through COVID restrictions.

The following Heritage Partners recently joined or renewed their Crossroads memberships:

Whether your site currently offers online programs, isn't yet ready to welcome visitors or is somewhere in between, Crossroads can help. Contact our Program Manager, Amy Osterhout by email for more information, or visit our Heritage Partner membership webpage to join us.
Stay Updated with Crossroads All Month Long
We're working to keep our social media and website updated with the latest information from our Heritage Partners' site and event status during the COVID-19 crisis. We're committed to be your source for rescheduled event dates and site re-openings as we receive them.
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