April 12, 2019
A Note from Head of Social Development...
Students Lead in Social Arts!
At Crossroads, we strive to establish and continually maintain our own positive connections to students as well as those between students. While we focus on the basics of social communication and working in peer groups during our classes, there is one daily gathering that brings it all together, creating multiple opportunities to examine and build new social skills. Social Arts is a class where students work in groups to collaborate on creative projects, encountering many challenging social situations along the way. From sharing ideas, listening to each other, compromising, and considering other opinions, to resolving conflicts and clarifying intent in the moment, the class is designed to allow for essential and authentic learning.

Created by our ELA teacher, Todd Martin, and myself, with support from art teacher, Josh Perez, we wanted to establish a routine meetup for students where their own ideas lead to amazing realities, including the process of working together to get there. We have created collaborative artwork, written songs, filmed videos, planned 2 successful night events designed by the students, collected and framed finished work for an art show, and voting on a food truck to deliver our Friday pizza.

Our recent projects have focused on a variety of art styles. Cartooning is a major interest for many of our students, including Parker, who suggested we consider a few styles to study. She has developed a unique style of her own that is admired by her peers. After suggesting a few examples of cartoon styles that inspired her own art, she agreed to teach elements of cartooning to our class!

Breaking down the development of her own characters, Parker explained and demonstrated how she chooses eyes, noses, clothing, body shapes, and other details to convey character traits. The class had lots of questions for her as she presented her drawing techniques. Next, Parker lead a step-by-step drawing of one of her main characters, while students followed along building their own version of her drawing on their papers. Parker walked around making individual comments while watching her own style ideas being explored by her peers. We closed the week with Parker making comparisons between the artists and characters who’ve had the most influence on her. It was awesome to see Parker sharing her passion with the class as a natural and inspiring teacher!

Be sure to look out for announcements about Nightrageous 3, May 17 th , where these cartooning pieces will be shown in addition to other collaborative artwork and other surprises.

Mitch Pengra
Head of Social Development
(713) 977-1221 x115
Principal of the Day

Each year at the Crossroads Gala, we auction off the coveted prize of "Principal of the Day." Although we will not have a Gala this year, we know there are students who look forward to donning the responsibilities (and the privileges) of a day in charge.

Therefore, this year, you may reserve a day for your child to be the Principal with a minimum donation to Crossroads of $500. Please notify Ms. Julianne if you are interested and she will coordinate a date.

As Principal of the Day, your child will receive an official Crossroads badge, a framed certificate to take home and a page in the Yearbook commemorating the event. In addition, their name will be placed on the permanent plaque in the school office. You child will be supervised by staff members throughout the day and will have a full schedule of activities throughout the campus. They will provide input and recommendations on upcoming events, place snack orders, supervise recess, distribute pizza lunch(if their day as Principal is on a Friday), review text books for future use, inventory supplies, observe classes and even teach a segment of a class among other activities. The Principal of the Day wears lots of hats!
Yearbook Ads and Messages

Honor your child with a TRIBUTE MESSAGE, which can include text or pictures. You can also ADVERTISE YOUR BUSINESS with an ad in the Crossroads full-color, Yearbook! Please send your information to Ms. Julianne by the May 10 deadline. Prices as follows:

Business Card Size $25
1/4 Page $50
1/2 Page $75
Full Page $150

Click on the cover graphic to download the form for submitting tributes or ads.
Visiting Artist and Crossroads Alum...

Crossroads alumni, Noah Mishael, visited the 3-D Art class this week to share his expertise on creating wire sculptures. He spoke to the students about his time at Crossroads and shared his journey as a pipe-cleaner artist. The students were focused for the full hour as they followed along to bend and twist their own base sculpture. They were amazed at the creations Noah brought to share.
Community Events

The Attention Deficit Disorders Association is hosting a presentation by Dr. Natalie Montfort about Executive Functioning on Saturday, April 27 at the Westview School from 9:30 am - 11:45 am. There is a fee to attend. You can find more information at ADDA Executive Functioning Event.
Crossroads School Events & Reminders

  • April 16 - Field Trip to Hobby Center
  • April 19 - SPRING HOLIDAY - No School
  • April 24 - Early Dismissal 12:30 PM
  • April 25 - Field Trip to Main Street Theater
  • May 3 - Field Trip to Main Event
  • May 17 - NIGHTrageoUS #3, 6:00 pm-9:00 pm
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