April 19, 2019
A Note from the... Principal of the Day!
Hello from Abdullah Alrumiah!  Exciting things happened this week.  We went to the Hobby Center to watch a play called Moving Myths.  My favorite part was the Beauty and the Beast performance.  After that we went to Tranquility Park and had lunch and took some photos.  It was a fun field trip.  On Thursday, I was able to be “Principal of the Day,” and I wanted to share some of the duties I had to complete. 

First, I passed out coffees for most of the teachers and made sure that they all had breakfast tacos from Taco Cabana. I then helped out with carpool and greeted students as they arrived. After carpool, I met a visiting artist, Mrs. Debi’s daughter and helped her teach the students in 3D Art. My next task was to meet with Mrs. Ginger about our field trip budget, and then Mrs. Debi about the school newsletter. After both of these meetings I was then able to spend some time with Mrs. Julianne at the front desk and helped make some calls for her. Finally, my morning ended with helping Mr. Jaime and Mr. Mitch do some organizing and moving of materials. My morning was very busy, but I liked it.

During the second half of the day I had a special lunch from Whataburger and ate in the office with Mr. Justin. During lunch I changed the recess policy and was able to extend it for an extra 10 minutes. All the students were so happy and thanked me. They said I was the “best principal ever!” After recess I went with Mr. Justin and did a tour of the school to check on classrooms and teachers to make sure everything was going well. The flowers planted by Ms. Azmae’s science class really made the tour beautiful. I wanted to help out Ms. Katie, so I offered to teach her lesson about Venn Diagrams. Then, we did a classroom observation in Mr. Josh’s science class. I was very impressed to see the students learning about energy. After our observation, the leadership team and I had a meeting to discuss future activities here at Crossroads. I was able to convince them that we should take a field trip to Main Event and have someone bring animals to the school for the students to see. I was also able to persuade the team to allow the students to get clubs today, since we are not having school on Friday. My day ended by writing an email to the teachers and writing this article for the newsletter.

Overall, “my day was the best day ever and I think being principal is the best.” 

Abdullah Alrumiah

Mr. Abdullah
Principal of the Day

(and Mr. Justin Adams jadams@crossroadshouston.org)
Lunch in the Park

Students enjoyed their lunch in the park after attending a performance at the Hobby Center this week.
As Seen on Campus...
Photosynthesis lesson comes to life when science is paired with an outdoor project in planting and observation.
Goosebumps The Musical- PHANTOM of the AUDITORIUM

Students are going on a field trip on April 25 to the Main Street Theater. Main Street Theater provides supplemental materials to help teachers integrate the field trip into the classroom curriculum.

Recent studies prove that integrating the arts into education enhances a student’s development and performance. Students learning through the arts are better able to think at a higher level, collaborate with their peers, and score higher on standardized tests. 

We are providing a link to the study guide for parents to see and use at home.
Yearbook Ads and Messages

Honor your child with a TRIBUTE MESSAGE, which can include text or pictures. You can also ADVERTISE YOUR BUSINESS with an ad in the Crossroads full-color, Yearbook! Please send your information to Ms. Julianne by the May 10 deadline.

Sizes Available:
Business Card $25
1/4 Page $50
1/2 Page $75
Full Page $150

Click on the cover graphic to download the form for submitting tributes or ads.
Community Events

The Parish School's Camp Connect is a 5-day overnight camp for 12-16-year-olds who struggle with social skills. From the founder of Camp Social Superheroes, Camp Connect continues to embrace the Social Thinking Methodology. Campers learn to connect with others, adapt to social environments and solve problems, while enjoying a camp experience with team challenges, rock walls, fun activities and more. Goals are customized for each camper. Counselors have a background in speech-language pathology and special education.

Click the graphic to download the Camp Connect information and registration forms.
Crossroads School Events & Reminders

  • April 19 - No School, Spring Holiday
  • April 24 - Early Dismissal 12:30 PM
  • April 25 - Field Trip to Main Street Theater
  • May 3 - Field Trip to Main Event Stafford
  • May 17 - NightRageous#3, 6:00 pm-9:00 pm
5822 Dolores St.
Houston, TX 77057
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