December 13, 2019
A Note from the Teacher & Special Projects Manager...
Last Saturday morning, Team Crossroads participated in Run Houston!'s Sugar Land 5k. We are so excited that Team Crossroads has doubled in size to include students, teachers, and family members. It was wonderful to see all of our students experience a personal sense of accomplishment and feel apart of a team.

The Run Houston! Race Series is a series of races throughout the Houston area to not only showcase venues, but to allow individuals of all ages and abilities to come together. We have recently started a partnership with Reason2Race , using Run Houston! events to create teams and raise funds through their platform. Reason2Race helps non-profit organizations create activity based fundraisers to support groups. 93% of each donation comes back directly to Crossroads School, allowing us to create more opportunities and provide additional resources for our students. 

Crossroads was able to raise over $1,500 this race along with an additional $100 prize awarded to Mr. Scott for raising the 5th most money of all whom participated! Crossroads will continue to participate in the run series to fundraiser throughout the spring. 

Team Crossroads would also like to give a special congratulations to one of our parents, Mrs.Erika Harms, for placing 1st in her group Saturday! Way to go!

We hope to see everyone at the next event, March 7th at Minute Maid Park. Registration details will be sent out after the New Year. 
Azmae Bhatti
Teacher & Special Project Manager
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As Seen On Campus

Through our study of how states of matter change, students studied how snow or ice changes forms throughout its life cycle. Snow falls from the sky as an ice solid, melting as it reaches the ground into water and then evaporates back to the sky in gas form. Science classes combined baking soda, shaving cream, and glitter to create snow that would never melt.  
Ms. Gemma's After School Cooking Club

This week we tried our hands at creating tamales, a traditional Mexican holiday food. Instead of wrapping the tamales in corn husks and steaming them, the kids made baked mini tamale pies with dough they created out of masa de harina (corn flour), broth, and oil. They molded it into muffin tins to create a cup for a delicious filling of spiced shredded chicken, cheese, mild green chilis, and cilantro. On the second day of Cooking Club, one student meticulously diced a colorful array of vegetables to create a bright and tangy black bean salsa – the perfect accompaniment for the rich and comforting tamale pies!
The Positivity Projec t - Integrity

This week's Positivity Project characteristic was integrity. The definition of integrity is: You are honest and speak the truth. You present yourself genuinely and sincerely. In Social Skills class, the students have been looking at different scenarios and watching different videos about integrity and honesty. In Social Activities, we are incorporating activities that use integrity in them. The students had a great time playing two truths/one lie and figuring out which statement was a lie. Most students said that they had a hard time coming up with a lie for the game. 

Coats for a Cause

Crossroads will be hosting a Coat Drive from December 9th until the 20th to benefit those in need of warm clothing this Holiday season. Please help us provide a generous donation by dropping off any gently used sweaters & coats that are in good condition over the next two weeks. Thank you, in advance, for your generosity and support! 
Spring 2020 After School Enrichments

If you would like to sign your student up for either Friday Sports Camp or Cooking with Ms. Gemma for the Spring semester, please email Ms. Julianne.
Easy Way to Support Crossroads
Every time you use Amazon Smile, you will be supporting Crossroads School! As the busy shopping sea son is upon us, this is a painless way to help. It's small but it adds up! 0.5% of eligible purchases are sent back to Crossroads if you select Crossroads as your preferred charity.

Just log in to your account via Amazon Smile ( ), click on "Accounts and Lists" and "Your AmazonSmile" and choose "Crossroads School, Inc." in the search feature.
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