January 31, 2020
A Note from the Board Chair...
You may have noticed there was no newsletter last week. Our focus and attention was on our students and their needs following the loss of a beloved staff member. Students are learning how to express their grief in healthy ways. We are very grateful to Michelle Joseph, Head of School at Gateway Academy for sending one of her counselors, Ms. Forde, to Crossroads to provide an additional layer of support to our staff and students. This is another example of how the Specialty Schools in the Houston area collaborate and support one another.

Other events of note this past week…
  • Mr. Justin, our Principal and Ms. Ayesha, our Head of Social Development, went to Austin last weekend to attend the TAAPS (Texas Alliance of Accredited Public Schools) annual conference. They will report on the sessions in which they participated and the networking they did in our next newsletter.

  • We are wishing Mr. Justin a speedy recovery after breaking a bone in his elbow during an exciting recess basketball game!

  • The office is busy fielding calls from new families looking for information about Crossroads School. We are conducting several tours and interviews for prospective families.

  • Mr. Justin is in the process of interviewing new teachers. Ms. Gemma continues to be our consistent substitute until a permanent hire is made.
Debi Mishael
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Save the Date...April 1, 2020

Plans are taking shape for our Gala. This year will have a few new twists on the annual fundraiser! First, we are having a Breakfast Event instead of an evening program and second, our students will be included in the program. Crossroads School prepares students academically AND SOCIALLY.

This is an opportunity for our students to experience an practice expected social behaviors. In the next two months leading up to the Gala, Ms. Ayesha will add lessons to her Social Skills Class to prepare students to look for social ques and learn the best practices for behavior when in a large group of people. We hope to see you there so you can experience a firm handshake and confident eye contact from our amazing students. 

(Formal invitations and more information in the coming weeks.)

Michelle Garcia Winner is coming to Houston! She'll present her two newest courses on managing emotions at a conference on February 12 and 13. Several of our Crossroads faculty team already have extensive training in Social Thinking. Two of our teachers will be attending this conference and we encourage parents to attend as well.

The skill of understanding and managing emotions is essential for students and adults to effectively develop relationships, work in groups, problem solve through social situations, get and maintain a job, etc. Michelle will share her newest strategies to help individuals:
  • Develop emotional awareness
  • Read the emotions and intentions of others
  • Emotionally sync with others
  • Work through social anxiety, and more.

Michelle Garcia Winner, MA, CCC-SLP, is the founder and CEO of Social Thinking and a globally recognized thought leader, author, speaker, and social-cognitive therapist. She is dedicated to helping people of all ages develop social emotional learning, including those with social learning challenges. Across her 30-year career she has created numerous evidence-based strategies, treatment* frameworks, and curricula to help interventionists develop social competencies in those they support. Michelle’s work also teaches how social competencies impact people’s broader lives, including their ability to foster relationships and their academic and career performance.

As Seen On Campus...

Students learned about the Chinese New Year and celebrated by making paper lanterns.
The elementary science students created their own 'potions' to clean pennies. Using the scientific method, students created their own hypothesis to determine what magical ingredients they wanted to use to create a chemical reaction that would hopefully clean their dull penny into a shiny, new one. In the end, the students learned that vinegar was able to make their pennies look new again. 
Community All-Star League

Marucci Elite Texas announces the inaugural League ALL-STARS For Children With Neurological Differences

What Is the Marucci Elite Texas All-Stars League?
The Marucci Elite Texas All-Stars League is a coach pitch league that will serve middle school aged students, grades 6th-8th, with neurological differences.

How Do I Sign Up My Child? To register your child, please fill out the FORM and return to Rachel Dunn maruccielitetexasallstars@gmail.com

How Much Does It Cost to Play? The cost to play for the season is $75. This fee will cover the players uniform (jersey and hat) and a trophy.

What Does My Child Need to Participate? We ask that each player provides their own glove, bat and helmet.

When Are Practices and Games? Practices will start in February. The exact dates and times of practices will vary by team. Games will be played every Friday (except on Good Friday) at Baseball USA, starting in March running through the end of April. Games will start at 5:30pm.

For Questions, Please Email Rachel Dunn maruccielitetexasallstars@gmail.com
Positivity Project- Perseverance

The last two week's positivity characteristic was PERSEVERANCE. The concept of perseverance can most often be found in one's active pursuit in overcoming obstacles. Each of us has personal obstacles and last week, our entire school family needed to persevere in the midst of our grief. Ms. Ayesha helped our students express their feelings and persevere.

Community Events
Crossroads School will have an information table at this Resource Fair. If you come to the Fair, be sure to stop by and see us.
Important Events & Reminders

  • February 17-20, 2020 12pm: Parent Conferences, Early Dismissal
  • February 19, 2020: Picture Day
  • February 21, 2020 12pm: Early Dismissal for Teacher In-Service
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