March 22, 2019
A Note from Acting Head School
I'm baaaack...

Did you know I was away? If you said, “No”, that’s a good thing! Three weeks ago I had surgery on a torn rotator-cuff tendon. I intended to be away from the school for a week but unfortunately, I triggered an old back injury which required me to take two weeks away from school. That was just before Spring Break.

We all like to think we are irreplaceable in our jobs. Truth is, no school or organization is healthy if it relies heavily on any one person. We have developed a dynamic governance model with our Leadership Team at Crossroads. We are moving away from a top-down, pyramid structure towards a team approach and we are seeing many benefits as we progress.

“The whole is greater than the sum of it’s parts.” This saying is certainly true at Crossroads. We have seen this in small ways and in big ways. Gathering input from multiple sources allows us to gain broadened perspective and insight. It does take a lot of communication. While it is often easier and faster for one person to just compete a task. We are learning that we are becoming better at what we do when we take the extra time to work together.

Case in point, the routine and relatively fixed process of creating next year’s school calendar was recently handled by our Leadership Team. One member began the rough draft then sent it to the rest of the team to review and comment. We referenced the HISD calendar; we reaffirmed the TAAPS (Texas Alliance of Accredited Private Schools) requirements for number of instructional hours needed, and we looked at how the holidays fell in the new year. In the past, that would have been the end. This year, we took it a step further. We asked for input from all staff members. We listened to questions raised and explored the rational for decisions. We thought about the calendar from a parent’s perspective and from the student perspective. What affect does the calendar have on the flow and consistency of the learning experience? In the end, the routine task of creating a calendar resulted in a superior final product. (See links further down in the newsletter.)

We are affirming a culture of collaboration and constantly checking that all of our processes, simple or complex, are in keeping with our mission and values. Each member of the Leadership Team has a particular expertise. Each member of the team has the authority and final decision making ability in their area of governance but all members of the team seek input and collaboration to improve outcomes.

I am so proud of the entire Crossroads staff, the Leadership Team, the administration staff and our teaching staff. Everyone plays and important role and everyone supports and works together to achieving our goal of providing an emotionally safe and supportive environment to reach maximum academic and social potential.
Debi Mishael
Acting Head of School
(713) 977-1221 x102

Ginger Neely - Head of Finance & Business
Justin Adams - Principal
Mitch Pengra - Head of Social Development
Art On-Campus
Mona Lisa transformed

Students took a copy of the Mona Lisa and turned it into a grid by adding vertical and horizontal lines. Students were each assigned a particular piece of the grid and were instructed to choose among available art supplies to create their own style to reproduce their section. Finally, all of the pieces were combined resulting in a surreal recreation of the famous painting.
Self-Portraits with help from an App

Students had their picture take on an App that made the photograph black and white. The students then traced with pencil to recreate the image. They were then encouraged to decorate the portraits as they liked. A variety of supplies were available and the result were fun to view.
Miss Julia visits Crossroads
Ms. Suzanne popped in to visit Crossroads this week and brought her daughter. Ms. Suzanne has been out on maternity leave and enjoying her time as a new Mom. As expected, Suzanne is getting far too little sleep even with the help of her husband and her own parents on hand. Every parent knows this is an exhausting but remarkable time in the life of a child.

As Ms. Katie has made such a smooth transition into the lead Elementary position, Ms. Suzanne decided to extend her time with her new daughter and Ms. Katie will finish out the school year with our Crossroads students.
2019-2020 School Year Calendar

The school calendar has been created and approved for the 2019-2020 School Year. Click on the calendar graphic to download your copy. It will also be available at the bottom of this, and all future newsletters, and on our school website.

One change to note is that half days of school have been modified to maximize consistency for our families. Half-days, which are used for in-service teacher training workshops have been coordinated with the HISD calendar and have been moved to Fridays instead of mid-week. In addition, pick up time for half days will be 12:00 noon. This will provide more class time on those days and will give parents the opportunity to plan a special lunch with their child.
Two date changes to note THIS YEAR...
  • The third, student-planned "NIGHTrageUS" event will be held on Friday, May 17 (instead of April 18).

  • Standardized testing will be administered the week of April 8-12. It is very important that your child get a good night sleep, eat a good breakfast and arrive at school on time this week. You will read more about this testing in coming newsletters.

Congratulations to Preston for being accepted to St. Pius X High School AND receiving a scholarship. This is a terrific honor and we are so proud of him. He will be recognized at a special dinner held at St. Pius later next week. Mr. Justin will attend the dinner in support of Preston and his achievement.

We are so proud of you Preston!
Community Events of Interest
This opportunity was sent to us from Mister Car Wash. Click on the graphic to go to the website and nominate a Crossroads teacher if you choose.

Teachers Who Shine Award
Every time we wash a car we are continuing our commitment to Inspire People to Shine. This commitment extends beyond the car wash tunnel into our communities. We know that the success of students comes when they have the right tools. That’s why we’re committed to helping students, teachers and classrooms in the communities we serve.
Nominate a Teacher who inspires you or others to shine by sharing their story below and you could win a $500 – $1,000 grant for their classroom and an Unlimited Wash Club® Membership for your teacher!
The Phillips Hall Singers

March 23, 2019 at 11:00 AM
The Westview School
1900 Kersten Drive, Houston, 77043

Music for Autism concerts are fully subsidized and free for individuals with autism and their family members, but RSVP’s are recommended. Please RSVP under the “Concert Calendar” on (preferred) or by calling 877.863.7473.

Music for Autism is enriching lives and raising public awareness through autism-friendly interactive concerts developed specifically for individuals with autism and their families.
Crossroads School Events & Reminders

  • Standardized Testing -April 8-12
  • April 19 - SPRING HOLIDAY -No School
  • April 24 - Early Dismissal 12:30 PM
  • May 17 - Nightrageous 3, 6:00 pm-9:00 pm
5822 Dolores St.
Houston, TX 77057
(713) 977-1221