March 29, 2019
A Note from Acting Head School...
Have you ever experienced the surprise in seeing something that has changed so much over time while you were away? Kids return to school in the fall and appear to have grown a foot since we saw them last. When we see something on a daily basis, it is often difficult to notice the tiny, incremental changes that occur.

At this point in the school year I can't help but think back to the fall and I am in awe of the growth and changes I have seen in our students. Their teachers see the academic growth. From my vantage point, I can see the strides in social development. Today, I had a lovely lunch-table conversation with a student who, at the beginning of the year, hid behind their parent or ducked under the table when anyone would enter the room. Yesterday, I heard a student proudly advocate for himself to his peers. He was clear and firm in asserting his position, politely but definitively. Daily, I see students engage in proper social graces that previously alluded so many.

My stories of growth are anecdotal. As a school, we also need to document that growth and this time of year we do it with the Iowa Test of Basic Skills (ITBS). It is a standardized test that measures the skill level of students in the areas of Reading, Language, Mathematics, Social Studies, and Science. The ITBS is a "Norm-Referenced" test, meaning your child's performance is compared with a nationally representative sample of students who took the tests. These students are referred to as the “normative sample.”

At Crossroads school we teach our students to be proud of their differences. When the standardized testing comes along, it can be anxiety producing for students and parents. It is important to understand that the ITBS is just another tool that provides information for us. It is most important for us to see how each students progresses from year-to-year. It will be helpful to know how your student compares to typical students in the same grade but the more valuable information is how did they do in comparison to themselves from the prior year. These tests offer a snapshot in time and are not the definitive scoring of your child's capabilities.

Testing will take place during the week of April 8-12. You can help by making sure your child arrives on time each morning and has a good breakfast and along with a good night's sleep. We will provide some extra protein filled snacks and water throughout the week. Talk to your kids about the test but don't over-emphasize the importance. They will do better if they feel confident and calm .
Debi Mishael
Acting Head of School
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Recent Donation of Tools for Spring...

Crossroads recently received a donation of 30 sets of gardening gloves and tools. It came just in time as spring is definitely in the air and our school planter boxes are ready to be filled. In the coming weeks you should start to see the boxes bloom.

We are looking for any parent volunteers who would like to help plant or donate foliage for the front of the school. Do you have a green thumb? We would love your help.
DaCamera Visits Crossroads

Da Camera, the organization that helped us create our school song, visited our campus this week. They brought a group of musicians to talk to us about communication and working together in musical groups, relating it to the way we connect to other people and work in groups.

Doug Decries played the flute, Hope Cowan, the harp and Rainey Weber played the viola and all three needed to work together in order to perform well. After assistance and ideas from the students on how they could communicate to each other about how to start in unison, the pace to play, the mood of the song and more, students and staff were treated to a beautiful performance of Debussy Sonata . The goal of the program was to increase awareness of various modes of communication and the importance of listening to others.

We would like to thank Brandon Bell, DaCamera Director of Education, Camille, Bethany, Doug, Hope and Reiney and all the folks at DaCamera for their involvement with Crossroads this year.
(In case you missed the school song, be sure to check out the link at the bottom of this newsletter. You can see a YouTube video of our students first performance of our song.)
Seen on Campus This Week...
Cooking Club Fun

Cooking Club was a true team effort this week, crafting an Indian Butter Chicken Meatball Curry. Each student was responsible for preparing their own specific ingredients and adding them to the curry in the right order and time. From cracking eggs, grating ginger, crushing garlic, and measuring spices, to opening cans of coconut milk, squeezing lemons, and chopping cilantro, the collaboration resulted in an incredibly delicious meal everyone was proud to bring home to their families.
2019-2020 School Year Calendar

The school calendar has been created and approved for the 2019-2020 School Year. Click on the calendar graphic to download your copy. It will also be available at the bottom of this, and all future newsletters, and on our school website.

One change to note is that half days of school have been modified to maximize consistency for our families. Half-days, which are used for in-service teacher training workshops have been coordinated with the HISD calendar and have been moved to Fridays instead of mid-week. In addition, pick up time for half days will be 12:00pm. This will provide more class time on those days and will give parents the opportunity to plan a special lunch with their child.
Crossroads School Events & Reminders

  • Standardized Testing - April 8-12
  • April 19 - SPRING HOLIDAY - No School
  • April 24 - Early Dismissal 12:30 PM
  • May 17 - NIGHTrageoUS #3, 6:00 pm-9:00 pm
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